Warrior cats role play #5 Home (for she-cats only)

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WARNING: do not take this quiz unless you have already taken quizzes 1,2,3,and 4 of these warriors RP's. Please rate this quiz and leave a comment! I plan to make more of these, so watch out!

Created by: Dvora M
  1. You breath a deep sigh. You are almost home. In the two moons since finding the ocean, you have traveled home. "I vote on stopping here." Flowerwing stops and scans the hillside as everyone murmurs in agreement.
  2. Finally you find a bush to shelter under, but before you can sit down, Hollyflight calls you asked privately. "We need to talk." He fixes you with a serious amber stare .
  3. "It's about you. You've been acting really weird lately, and you're scent has changed. Is something wrong? Are you sick?
  4. "Is something wrong?" He repeats. You decide to tell him. " Hollyflight, you are going to be the father of my kits. Are you mad? "
  5. " Of course I'm not mad! That's great! " He purrs as he rubs against your cheek. "But you can't make a long journey like this if you're expecting!"
  6. After assuring him that you'll be fine, you curl up in your nest and go to sleep.
  7. (Two weeks later) you step into the camp, remembering only a few moments ago when you said your goodbyes to your friends and watched Hollyflight go to his territory, and Trickle and Flowerwing hear to Breezeclan territory.
  8. As soon as you step into the camp, mews of greetings rose from every cat as the come to greet you. Whitefeather, a young warrior suddenly asks: "Where's Beechtail?"
  9. "Oh, I knew it! Featherdrift sent me a message that Beechtail wouldn't return. " Stemsnap pushed her way to the front of the crowd, her apprentice, Ravenpaw, close on her heals.
  10. "You know Featherdrift?" You ask in a shocked tone. " Course! She was Sunclan's old medicine cat. And my mentor. " Stemsnap replies.
  11. Petalstar leaps onto the highcave and calls out: "All cats old enough to catch there own prey gather beneath the highcave for the burial of Beechtail!"
  12. "But we don't have a body!" Oakdrizzle protests. "We will still honed her spirit by sitting vigil with her." Petalstar explains calmly as every one gathers around a patch of dirt.
  13. Wolfstorm, a handsome looking tom, comes over and brushes his long, sleek, black tail across your cheek. "Rainstripe?" He begins hesitantly . "I know this is a bad time, but can we be mates? We used to be so close before you left on the journey"
  14. Before you can reply, you remember the unborn kits in your belly and realize that you could never manage to look Petalstar in the eyes when the clan found out. IF the clan found out. As you gaze at Wolfstorm, a plan forms in your mind. "Sure" you answer.
  15. (Three moons later) Wolfstorm pads up to you and drops a mouse at your paws. "Here you go, my love. You need to keep your strength up." He hints, gazing down lovingly at your belly. You purr and rub your cheek against hi muzzle.
  16. After finishing your meal, you sneak away into the forest, stars glittering frostily in the jet-black sky. You are going to see Hollyflight.
  17. You get to the Moonclan border and see Hollyflight waiting for you. He greets you warmly and brushes against you happily. "I heard that Tawnylight stepped down from being deputy and retired to the elders den. Who did they replace her with?" " Wolfstorm " You reply.
  18. You here the bushes rustling and decide to go home before a patrol finds you.
  19. After saying goodbye to Hollyflight, you turn and head back to camp. To be continued...

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