Warrior cats role play #4: The destination(for she-cats only

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Hello! This is my 4th warriors role play quiz and I hope you like it! I have some interesting plot twists in this RP like- okay, okay, no spoilers. Find out for your self!

WARNING: do not take is this quiz unless you have already taken quizzes 1,2, and 3 or you will not understand ANYTHING in this quiz. Have fun!🐱🐱🐱🐱🐱

Created by: Warrior cats fan
  1. You wake up at dawn and give your post a vigorous shake, remembering your dream.
  2. Hollyflight stirs beside you and you remember that you are now mates. Just then, Flowerwing noses her way into the den carrying a pigeon and a vole. "Sorry it's not much." She apologizes . "It's gonna be leaf-bare soon"
  3. You decide to start following the sun and hope that you will find what you are looking for. (Whatever 'it' is)
  4. You all set out towards the sun and walk until you reach a large stream. As you are pondering where to cross, you hear a friendly voice behind you call out "Hi!" You spin around and see a dark gray tom sitting on a series of stepping stones.
  5. The tom pads forward confidently, his long, sleek tail brushing the ground behind him. "I'm Trickle. I live here by the water. And you are?"
  6. "I'm Flowerwing. This is Rainstripe, and that's Hollyflight. There was a cat with us named Beechtail, but she got hit by a monster a moon and a half ago." Flowerwing blinks shyly at Trickle, her eyes shining with admiration.
  7. Trickle blinks once and nods slowly. "My mother died on a thunderpath." He looks directly at you. " I can tell you are the leader of this group, maybe the one that they are on this... Quest for?
  8. "I know I'm a complete stranger, but I have a good feeling about you. I think I can help you. I'm good at hunting and fishing. And besides, I can help you with the past as well as well as the future." He gives you a knowing look before turning back to Flowerwing .
  9. You flick your tail to signal a private meeting and you and your friends turn away. Finally, (much to Flowerwing's delight) you agree that he can stay because he can understand who cats are and it might come in valuable during the journey.
  10. You turn back to him and tell him the news, and his eyes shine with happiness as he meows: "Thank you. And you're right, my ability to understand other cats CAN come in handy."
  11. After showing you the stepping stones, Trickle follows you as you continue your journey towards the rising sun.
  12. (One moon later) You walk next to Hollyflight, your paws heavy with exhaustion. "Look!" Hollyflight points at something with his tail. You look up and see a glimmering sheet of red against a sinking sun.
  13. As you pad closer, you see that it's a huge ocean. You keep on walking until you are standing so close that warm water rushes between your claws.
  14. As you look at your reflection in the water, you hear a voice whisper in your ear. "You have done well, young warrior. Tell everyone to take a sip of this water and go to sleep. All will be revealed. All will be revealed.
  15. After repeating the directions to your friends, you make.a den under a young bramble and go to sleep, wondering what Featherdrift was talking about.

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