Glory's Warrior Cat Love Story Part 1

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Hi guys! If you want one with adventure, romance, comedy, prophecies, and more, then this is the right quiz for you. Cats17 helped me think of the prophecy, so she gets credit for that. Thanks everyone. =)

The four Clans and their leaders, are: JungleClan - MossyStar, CaveClan - MountainStar, RippleClan - OceanStar, and DesertClan - CactusStar. JungleClan lives in the rainforest, CaveClan in the mountains, RippleClan by the sea, and DesertClan in the sandy desert.

Created by: WoF_Deathbringer
  1. Backstory: You are a light gray she-cat with white markings, and you're in JungleClan. You are currently an apprentice, and your name is Willowpaw. Your mentor is Featherwisp.
  2. Eaglepaw, Fangpaw, Boulderpaw (your brother), and Fawnpaw (your best friend) are near the fresh-kill pile. "Time for go hunting!" Eaglepaw meows, coming up to you. "I wonder what prey we'll catch today. My favorite is squirrel!" Fangpaw scowls at Eaglepaw's enthusiasm. Your brother Boulderpaw flicked his tail. "Come on, our mentors are waiting for us." (The answers are just informative, no effect)
  3. You go out with your mentors. Together all ten cats collected 3 birds, 5 mice, and 2 rabbits. You return with a sparrow in your jaws. Lightpaw, the medicine cat apprentice, walks up to you. "H-hi. Want to share some prey?" he asks you shyly.
  4. After you eat, or if you don't eat, you go outside. You part your jaws, letting the fresh New-leaf air hit your tongue. All of a sudden you hear a rustle in the ferns. Swinging your head around, you see a flash of blue-gray fur. *What was that?* you think. You see the blurry shape of a cat in front of you.
  5. You hear the scraping of claws sliding out. *Oh no!* You squirm around, trying to escape. You could see the glint of hostile blue eyes. He placed his paw on your neck. "What are you doing on my territory?" Says a low, deep voice. You try to breath, your heartbeat quickening. You are about to say something, when he releases you.
  6. "Sorry about that." he says, "I thought you were someone else. Where are you from?" You're still shocked, but you answer anyways, "JungleClan." He freezes. "J-JungleClan?" He repeats. "I...was born in JungleClan. My mother was a medicine cat, so she had to hide me since she wasn't allowed to have kits. I've had to live alone as a rogue since then."
  7. "My name is Wolf, by the way. What's your's?" "Willowpaw." His ears perk up. "Patrol." he whispers, backing away into the brambles. "I'll talk to you later." You see a few of your Clanmates checking the borders. "Out hunting?" Turtlewhisker asks you. "Yeah," you murmur, rubbing your fur against a nearby bush to hide Wolf's scent. You head back to camp, and go to sleep.
  8. You see starry cats around you. They seem to all talk, but only one voice came out. "When the bird of prey strikes, A bright glow will shine. For only a snake's fangs bite, will make the weeping tree show. But it will only be done when the predator returns. And all of the secrets will eventually burn." You jolt upright to see that you were dreaming. *What was that?* You get to your paws, and see that the other apprentice's of JungleClan were awake.
  9. CLIFFHANGER! They're always just the most painful way to end a story, but also the most intriguing...
  10. So, who do you like the most so far?

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