The Nonsense Quiz

This is the nonsense quiz. If you understand any of this, well...great, because I didn't. You might have some special talent of something, because you're certainly crazy.

Nonsense. Non-sense. noun1. spoken or written words that have no meaning or make no sense. "he was talking absolute nonsense"2. foolish or unacceptable behavior."put a stop to that nonsense, will you?"

Created by: WowCrazyInsane

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  1. Do you like bonnets? Yes or no.
  2. If you don't agree with my uptight hippo he'll make your bed for you.
  3. But what if the binder falls onto the tree branches? They'll cry and make Cory sit down onto his slimy chair!
  4. Crazy Cory, cars make him cry! But did you know that the purple passionate parent put proven papers on Patty, whose protocol for patient pancakes is to party?
  5. Why does the garage have to laugh at me?
  6. Stop throwing cows at me!
  7. Shhh, be quiet, or the mice will smell you!
  8. I know, right?
  9. Sigh. It's almost over, isn't it?
  10. The quiz was very growling, like my lizard.
  11. Bye! Say violet to Cory and Patty for me!

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