Which Disney princess are you ?

This is a funny quiz...... a nonsense one. Just don't be sad when you get a wrong answer. They are nonsense anyways. Have fun and enjoy the quiz .😎😎😎

The last question only makes sense, the rest are nonsense.......... So let's start the quiz. Count down starts 3.......... 2.......... 1......... START!!!

Created by: Nakthania

  1. How long is your hair ?
  2. What is your hair colour ?
  3. Do you play games ?
  4. Do you bully others ?
  5. Do you like to cook food ?
  6. What is your nickname ?
  7. What is your favourite colour ?
  8. Do you know how to ride a bicycle ?
  9. Are you crazy ?
  10. Is the topic of this quiz related to the questions?

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Quiz topic: Which Disney princess am I ?