Shoutout Quiz 3! (for my forum peeps)

this is a lil quizzo that i made for all mah forum frens! :DDDDDD ty for being here, i know some of y'all got it rough, so i hope that it gets better!

looooooo laaaa froooot looooops ahahahaha omg this is taking so long oh btw maybe this will level me up! won't that be nice if i could post urls on my main?

Created by: WowCrazyInsane

  1. Okies first things firsts. does u goes onto dah forumses?
  2. Okies. Now dah frens. Spoce. Hi. Ur awesome, mah fren! U have a awesome sense of humor and i love ur creativity! ur very nice to me and cheer me up! :D
  3. CHAMMISIESSS!!! hoi. i really miss having you here, but i know that it was good for you to take a break. i really relate to you and i love ur drawingssss!!! :DDD
  4. TATYANANANNANANANANANNANANNA! wassup mah fren? ur like so smart ermahgerd and ur sense of humor is like wicked smart. u have ur own way of thinking and dont let anyone bother you! :D
  5. Jill! I really love talking to you and i hope that things get better for you, mah fren! Ur awesome, i hope u know that!
  6. EMYYYYY! Ur so sweet, ermahgerd! I love talking and roleplaying with you, i hope you have a great day! ur very kind to me and i <3 u
  7. wassup mah man drekk? ur really awesome and i love talking and joking with u! also, ur new pfp is sickk
  8. Eclipse, Cats, Vio, Emowoman, Woofle, and all of y'all! AWESOME!!! Y'all are all so similar, I can't even tell y'all apart xD!
  9. paige, axel, road, nix, marrow, zilla, ello, pointlessdreams, and everyone else! Y'ALL ARE AWESOME AND I AM SO GLAD THAT YALL ARE HERE! :DDD
  10. okie bye so sorry if i forgot u ;~;

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