Sonic's Ultra Hard Test ;)

Welcome to Sonics ultra hard quiz, if you get over 65%, you are automaticaly a genius. If you get lower, then you have a lot of explaining to do! anyway. Thanks for taking the time to do the quiz!

Welcome Sens Forum! Prepare yourself for the ultimate Sonic quiz, do you want to know if you are smarter than people from the Sens forum? how much of a genius are you? You will find out in mere minutes!

Created by: Sonic McSonic

  1. If I have three apples, and you take 2 away, how many apples will you have?
  2. Which one of these Sequels are fake?
  3. Canada qualified to the Mens Fifa World Cup in what year?
  4. In 3 days, tomorrow will be what?
  5. Which planet does NOT have rings?
  6. One out of every 2 million...
  7. Where did the asteroid land that killed off all the dinosaurs?
  8. What year did the Titanic sink?
  9. Which city has the largest number of population?
  10. Which of the following is different from the rest?
  11. How much % of an Icebergs body is below the surface of water?
  12. 75% of the Earth is composed of water, How much % of that is fresh?
  13. Which of the following animals are scientists predicting to be extinct by 2045?
  14. When did the Dodo become extinct?
  15. Do you think you did good on this test?

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