Do You Talk Like Me?

this is a relatively simple quizzo that I made real quick because I was really curious how y'all talked, and if it was at all similar to me!!!!!!! AHAHAAHA!

now, this is the paragraph that i'm going to spam. i hope you don't mind, because i'm going to go crazy. actually, i'm going to go WOW crazy. maybe even wow crazy INSANE!

Created by: WowCrazyInsane

  1. Numero Uno: How do you say forgot?
  2. How do you say...roof?
  3. How do you say maybe?
  4. How do you pronounce you?
  5. How do you say creek?
  6. Have you ever said y'all?
  7. Do you ever say ain't?
  8. Do you say...Bruh or Bro?
  9. How do you say no?
  10. How do you say yes?
  11. How do you say saw
  12. How do you say see?
  13. How do you saw house?
  14. Do you ever cut off the G on the end of things, like somethin'. or runnin', or anythin'?
  15. BYE!!!

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Quiz topic: Do I Talk Like Me?