Are You Beautiful? (Valentine's Day Edition)

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One day closer to Valentine's Day, everyone? Want to know how beautiful you truly are? Take this quiz to find out, and remember to have fun! Be sure to comment and rate when you are done!

Disclaimer: Results may not be accurate. Please, no hate in the comments, whether it be about me as the quiz creator or the quiz itself, no hate in the comments! I do not know of other quizzes like this, and I do not mean to trace or copy other quizzes like this. Thank you for taking this quiz!

Created by: Cats17
  1. What color is your hair?
  2. What color are your eyes?
  3. How dark is your skin?
  4. Do you have any medical conditions that affect your appearance?
  5. Do you dye your hair often?
  6. Do you wear makeup?
  7. Do you paint your fingernails often, and do the colors usually match your skin tone, hair color, or compliment your eyes?
  8. Are you popular?
  9. Do you go to parties or social events often?
  10. Fate

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Quiz topic: Am I Beautiful? (Valentine's Day Edition)