What song about death are you?

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Okie, I chose like 4 bands that had songs about death in them, so which one are you? It's not really that good, I only did it 'cause I was bored.

So take the quiz now, I honestly can't think of anything else to say, but the results include 4 bands, which are Thin Lizzy, Metallica, Bathory and Nirvana.

Created by: I like music
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  1. Okie, let's start with, what's your favorite music genre?
  2. Okie, which of these bands do you like most? (They're in the results - hey I didn't choose much 'cause I'm not bothered to put a lot of answers)
  3. Okie, what other bands other than the results I've put do you like?
  4. Which of the band results do you least like.
  5. Okie, let's pretend you love all the bands in my results, if you had to go to one concert, which of them would you go to? (Stupid question, I know, but I ran out of them!!)
  6. What other Metallica songs between these do you like?
  7. What other Nirvana songs between these do you like?
  8. What other Thin Lizzy songs between these do you like?
  9. What other Bathory songs do you like out of these?
  10. Okie, should I have added other bands?
  11. If you said, yes, then what should I have added?
  12. Now let's try something different... rate and comment now!

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Quiz topic: What song about death am I?