How well do you know Death Note??

This is a quiz for the people in this world that believe to know a lot about the anime series Death Note! Do you have what it takes to beat the quiz and prove you know a lot?

Do you think you know Death Note? This is a quiz in order to tell you if you are a true genius when it comes to Death Note or if you just know nothing.

Created by: Kayleigh
  1. Who was the First Kira?
  2. What is the name of the Shinigami that follows Light around when he first gets the Death Note
  3. How old was Light when he first found the Death Note
  4. Who was Kira's enemy?
  5. What does Ryuk love?
  6. Who wrote Death Note?
  7. When Light gave up ownership of the Death Note who was the next person to get it?
  8. Who is the Head of the SPK?
  9. Who was Misa's manager after Matsuda "Died"
  10. What is Mello's real name??
  11. What is Matt's favorite thing to do
  12. What was the name of the man that would help L?
  13. What was the name of the FBI agent that was keeping a watch on Light?
  14. What is the first rule written in the Death Note?
  15. What does "Kira" mean?
  16. How much of your lifespan must be taken in order to get Shinigami eyes?
  17. What was the name of the place where Near and Light said they would meet?
  18. What sport was Light good at?

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Quiz topic: How well do I know Death Note??