How Death are you? (wizard101)

You might have seen my myth quiz but have you done this? Here's the new death quiz made just forn all you wizard101 fans. Are you death or a you something else?

More wizard101 school quizzes coming soon. So far I've had this and myth. Life, Ice, or Balance are most likely next. So comment your results too on the comment page.

Created by: wizard101girl
  1. Which is you're fave below?
  2. Gems?
  3. Color
  4. Card?
  5. Pet?
  6. Boss?
  7. Secondary school?
  8. Chocolate?
  9. ReAl LiFe AnImAl?
  10. Which?
  11. Which quiz do you want next?

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Quiz topic: How Death am I? (wizard101)