How myth are you?(wizard101)

You might be wizard101's best fan BUT... are you myth. This quiz will find out. You could be TOTALLY myth or you could be a little off. Stay tuned for more.

If you didn't score well, then try taking the other wizard101 school quizzes(might come soon, depends when you took this). I most likely will do ice, life, or death next.

Created by: Wizard101girl
  1. Which is your favorite
  2. Which below is your fave?
  3. Which jewel below is your fave?
  4. Color?
  5. Pet?
  6. Boss?
  7. Who is the myth proffesor's sibling?
  8. First Cyrus Drake quest?
  9. Cyrus Drake battles you before which world?
  10. Ok. So which of the following is REALLY your fave!

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Quiz topic: How myth am I?(wizard101)