mongolian deathworm survival test

can you become a mongolian death worm expert like me if you can, take this test you may be a gonner or you may stink horribly i mean my grandma is better than some people that take this test well i have a sign that says eat me and i will give it too people that arent prepared when worms attack ha ha but you might do pretty well not many people know about the mongolian death worm.

are you a mongolian death worm survivor well i can and if you can you will become a mongolian deathworm expert then when peope ask you if your an expert you can say i'm a mongolian death worm expert!

Created by: prophet of quizzes
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  1. you see a little bump under the ground what do you do?
  2. it turns out its a mongolian eats your dog what do you do.
  3. you go too watch tv because when you called too tell the people that my dog was eaten no one turns out theres a mongolian deathworm on the news eating the reporters what do you do?
  4. what weapons would you have?
  5. the worms get in too your house what do you do?
  6. not getting personal is your body?
  7. are you aware micheal jackson is dead yet?
  8. did you know about the mongolian death worm before this quiz.
  9. how good is this quiz?
  10. you won the war against the worms but you see another bump in the ground what do you do?

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