Boredom has taken over.

Why are you reading this? Go to the quiz! I'm going to copy and paste something to pass the time! wait not on this one..... Oh I've got it! Elizabeth's profile! I don't know I'm bored...

my name is Elizabeth but my friends call me Lizza, Lizbeth or Bobby and I am 16! I am a junior(Ugh its not fun!) and I am a metal fan at heart, yet being the weird psycho girl I am I also like the pop type of stuff; but not as much as metal. I may do a WWYFF on here but I may not have time or you people just won't read it. I work a LOT. (tattoo and piercing shop who would've guessed.) So yeah I think that's about it. Oh and I'm also from the UK we just moved to Arizona a few years ago... There now you know who this lady is.

Created by: zomgirl

  1. Okay like I said boreom has taken over! I'm just going to talk about myself like no one's listening or reading or whatever.
  2. My name is Lazarus Juniper Sage. I have a last name but I do not use it since my real family is dead. I go by my first name Lazarus.
  3. I am 16 and on March 13, 2013 I will be 17. I am already in college though, and a level 8 nurse which mean I can help with minor surgery procedures.
  4. I have natural white blonde hair and grey eyes. I dyed my hair a rust blonde color to fit in afetr I was done with archery and changed up my look a lot; I cut my hair, took out a lot of my piercings, (I only have my snake bites, medusa, navel rings, and corset now) And even stopped hidding the scar on my neck.
  5. I am a pro. archer and was asked to be in the Olympics but I declined, knowing it would then take over my life.... Again. But either way archery has had a very big impact on my life.
  6. I have 3 children. Zlogonje, Periculosus, and October. 2 boys 1 girl; you do the math. Yes I was about 15 when I had then but I had an abusive boyfriend AND was raped by a taxi driver; the reason why I am scared or taxi's and poeple with the names Alex and Andy. They are in a safe home now Thank you God. (Travis, I'm sorry I didn't tell you about this. I mean if you're reading)
  7. My best friend ever is Samara. Samara has actually had a pretty rough life too. Elizabeth is her cousin, who actaully looks just like me, and she is the one who helps me thorugh a lot of stuff but is almost never there because of where she lives. Sabrina is my cousin is for sure my favorite family member!
  8. Okay and that's pretty much all I have to say. I think I'm somewhat of a legened on here or something like Envy! But as newer users come on, older users leave and I'm one of those older users.
  9. Yeah I'm leaving gtq. I might come on once in a while to check up on things but I probably won't post anything.
  10. I am sorry, but I just feel so old on here. So yeah....

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