Saved or Savoir?

OKay this is the next quiz for a series i want to make for no reason at all. ok now tiem for random stuff. Pie. Hi. Bye. Sigh. Lie. Righ.

ok so i am making this for a reason. well not really but if i may want want to say thank you for even looking at this quiz in general!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ok bye.

Created by: zomgirl

  1. Do you like boats or yahts? (((sp sorry :( )))
  2. Do you like getting to know people quickly or do you want to take your time? ((((yet agian not like that you sick pervert who's laughing >:P))))
  3. known around the ship or just another sailor?
  4. Teacher or Student ((((which would you rather be?))))
  5. Mourning or being mourned over (((such as a dissapearence not being dead xD)))
  6. make friends or already have them? (((like you get to pick if your going to move to a different place or not oh what ever!)))
  7. Lousiana Lady or The Diablo?
  8. ok i'm running out of ideas. Ok if i make this into a series will you take it? I'll tell you what it's about if you clock results but not now!!!!!!!!!
  9. OK i'm pretty much COMPLETLY out of questions but the answers will still count k?
  10. OK last questioin right? ***cheacks*** right! ok remember dont rate this!!!!!

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