Vampirates or Pirates?

Alright if you dont know me i'm some person. ok we got that done. so anyways PLZ dont rate this cuz this is something that will help me with a series i want to create so plz dont judge it!!!!

READ THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ok read the top........ok good so dont be picky about the question or answers just answer them!!!!!!! ok? ok. now for something random... nothing xP

Created by: zomgirl

  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. Alrighty than if you please go and look in the des. or this will make 0 sense to you. ok?
  2. So..... which color would you like the ship to be exactally?
  3. Would you rather be saved by someone you know or dont know?
  4. Travel or not travel?
  5. which year?
  6. which ship would you like to ride/work on?
  7. would you rather....
  8. Would you rather be....
  9. which instrument?
  10. Would you rather be. . . .

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