Could you REALLY survive zombies?

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Mere Tips of advice. 1) Shoot Zombies in need. kills three to show 2) Don't be afraid to use More Ammo. Swords also come in handy 3) The Lighter the gun, the better.

4) Never use Atom Bombs in Short Periods 5) Shoot People if they make fun of you 6) Never show respect to friends 7) Bow & Arrow is for Indian Warriors 8) Last: SHOOT FOR FUN! even at innocent bystanders

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  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. Are you a quick thinker?
  2. Your Zombie Name?
  3. Give yourself a survival test on Brains-O-Meter
  4. In a case of Zombies Chasing after you, you resort to....
  5. Rate your Speed-e-ness on the Fast-o-thon
  6. What are your thoughts about Zombies?
  7. Are you strong?
  8. What's your weapon?
  9. What's your Favorite Color Start with?
  10. Bye Bye!

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