what job suits you most?

Many people THINK they are a jockey, but it takes a real quiz to find out. In this quiz you will find the real job for you! Im sure!!! posative! Also, please try to enjoy it! If I think its pretty cool, why cant you??? lol

This quiz asks you stuff and what you think is tested and comes out as the best job there is for you. In just a few minutes you will find out good luck!

Created by: x-ella-x

  1. What describes you more?
  2. You are doing a school play, would you prefer to...
  3. What do you prefer?
  4. What is your dream horse?
  5. What would be your faverite thing?
  6. If you had a choice of these jobs, what would you pick?
  7. What would your dream horse be?
  8. What would be your ideal horse dream?
  9. What would be the best birthday present?
  10. If you was at a party, what would you drink?

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Quiz topic: What job suits me most?