what job would suit you best?

Thier are many different kinds of people....in this quiz we are highliting 5 different types, Fireman/woman, Policeman/woman, Singer, Actor/actress, and Stay at Home Parent. Out of these, which suits you best?

Find out what job suits you best. Are you outgoing, and happy or mabe relazed and tired. Well, lets see, it doesnt take that long, and it sure would mean alot if you just took it.

Created by: brooke of jobs?
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  1. Your friends tell your outgoing, and happy.
  2. You dont like going out and partying, your more of the layed back, quiet type.
  3. Do your friends laugh at you alot, because you like making jokes?
  4. Do you like to read, and sit back and enjoy life?
  5. Do you enjoy the everyday expierence of life?
  6. Do you enjoy being around people your age?
  7. Do you enjoy being around kids and babies?
  8. Do you enjoy being reconized and seen?
  9. Do you like bright colours?
  10. Do you like scary movies?

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