What does Pansy Parkinson think of you?

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I looked it up online ... “What does Pansy Parkinson think of you?” But it wasn’t there, so what did I do? I MADE IT MYSELF. I hope you like the quiz, I’ve made a few now, and I’m young, haha.

Anyway, so I hope you enjoy this quiz it is probably one of my best ones, trying not to brag, haha. I have made does Neville Longbottom love or hate you, which was my first quiz.

Created by: Penelope Huggins

  1. House?
  2. BFF?
  3. BF?
  4. Personality?
  5. Fav musical?
  6. Hair colour?
  7. Are you a gamer?
  8. Would you consider yourself good-looking?
  9. Pick a dot for fate
  10. Running out of questions here, question ten that’s the end. Goodbye

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