In over my Head: part 6

Hey people! Okay, I'm really tryna just fill in space so you can all ignore this stuff mainly.... I dunno what to put here and I'm just tryna get these out.

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Created by: ghettobabe4ever

  1. " So, have you decided what you're going as, Felicity?" asked Max, his hazel eyes somewhat scrunched as I shook my head no. " I mean, I don't know. I GUESS I could do the angel thing, though that would be the death of me and my street cred. But, I guess it won't be too bad, right?" I asked him, his face going insanely pale.
  2. *** Max's POV *** She did it again. She mentioned death.I don't know why it bothers me so much, I guess cos i'm dying, but still...before I met her, I didn't care who told me stuff about death. Maybe it was because it was different back then. Back then, I believed I might make it, that I might survive. But now? Now I know I'm dying... and the worst part? Something about Felicity.... maybe the way she's just so imperfect, seems to draw me closer to her.
  3. It's like smoking almost. You draw in your first breath, and it feels awful, but then... you become addicted and love every second of it, even though it's basically killing you. Same with Felicity. It's like... every time I get to know her better, the more I like her, even though I'm dying. And the fact that i'm scared to tell her that i'm dying upsets me too.I mean, why can't I just toughen up and tell her?It's almost like... i'm scared for her to leave me like the rest did.
  4. *** Felicity's POV*** " Hey, when IS Halloween?" he suddenly asked me, head cocked to the side and his feet jittering back and forth as we walked around the woods like we'd been doing recently. " The Thirty first. The last of October." I shrugged. As soon as the words left my mouth, his face went even paler than before and he seemed to be at a loss for words. And breath. Because the next thing I know, he's lying on the forest floor, hands on his chest, and gasping for air that he wasn't receiving. And the worst part? I was frozen.
  5. I couldn't move. It was like I was scared to death for him and I didn't know what to do. "Oh my... what the hell. Max, are you okay!?" I finally asked him, kneeling down by his side. " Y-y-yeah... i'm f-f-fine... Felicity. J-j-just give me a minute... o-o-okay?" he panted. Something was DEFINITELY going on. I mean, not only was he lying on the floor, all out of breath and s---, but he was starting to look thinner than before, bones practically sticking out from his flesh and his skull barely covered by the flesh on his face. Either he was starving himself, or something else was going on.
  6. *** Max's POV *** As soon as she told me Halloween was on the thirty first, I nearly died right there. Again, no pun intended. I was going to die on Halloween, and... worst of all? Felicity may witness my death.
  7. 'You need to tell her now, let her know you're dying. Tell her the truth.' my inner voice told me, trying so hard to convince me to do the right thing. 'She'll just leave you. She won't care. She'll run away and forget you.' my other voice, the more devilish one, insisted.And me, being me? I chose to listen to the devilish one for once."
  8. " Okay... i'm good now. Sorry about that." I apologized to her, slowly sitting up to look at her. Tears were forming in her oceanic eyes, and I could almost swear she looked like she may faint, that's how in shock she was from my little stunt. " Are... are you sure? I mean... maybe you just need to r--" " No, i'm fine, Felicity. Let's just keep walking." I insisted. Felicity slowly nodded, standing up to her feet and extending her hand out to me, which I graciously took. " Please... don't do that again. I thought you were going to die." she plead.
  9. 'I am dying, Felicity. I'm dying and you don't know...' I thought to myself. " Okay... i.. I won't. Sorry about that." I lied, taking her hand in mine. I could feel her hand shaking, but I didn't mind. I was going to make this the best month possible, and I wanted to make this nice for her too.Even if it does kill me.

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