HIstory Vocab part II

Hey, here's the rest of the vocab! Sorry about the age and gender questions, they're put on every test, but it won't affect your resaults. Why are they put on I dunno, why don't you asked the peole who run the website- I think they'll know. So now I'm just taking space i think i got the requirement of written junk down!

This quiz is a little different then the last. If you answer it correctly, you gain +5 pionts, if you don't answer it correctly you gain -5 pionts. Ignore my typos please! lol

Created by: Katie
  1. The Union is the northern part of the U.S. fighting the Confederates during the Civil War.
  2. A confederation is
  3. All are true, EXCEPT
  4. a Tenement really is
  5. Reconstruction is rebuilding of the South after the Revolutionary War
  6. Which war was it then? (from #7)
  7. All are True, EXCEPT (I Love these questions, they save sooo much time!)
  8. League of Nations is
  9. rationing is limitations on the amount of certain goods that people can buy.
  10. Plessy vs. Ferguson was
  11. Mass Production is the process of making large quanities of a product quickly, but the product became more expensive
  12. then was it the process of making large quanities of a product quickly and cheaply?
  13. All are true EXCEPT
  14. Sufferage is the right to vote
  15. Anarchist is
  16. Which one is false
  17. What was the Treaty of Versailles then?
  18. What are you most excited for on the Chicago trip?

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