Do you know sloths?

Sloths are wonderful creatures, well, in my eyes at least. So show what you know about them in this quiz. I will ask you twelve little questions about them, not too hard, eh?

Do you love sloths just as much as I do? Or maybe you don't, but as long as you like them I guess. But now there's a quiz on a quiz site about them. Yay?

Created by: Paige_
  1. How many types of sloths are there?
  2. How many species of sloths are there?
  3. In the wild, how many times do they poop a day?
  4. What created the sloths?
  5. What continent do they live on?
  6. They can/are...
  7. Sloths are what kind of eaters?
  8. Which sloth has a mysterious history?
  9. True or false? Two toed sloths can move their claws
  10. Can you own a pet sloth?

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Quiz topic: Do I know sloths?