How much do you know about cats?

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There are many wonderful creatures in this big, vast earth. But one that intrigues me most is the cat. Cat owner or not, test your knowledge on this wonderful species and always, always respect and love ALL animals. :)

I dedicate this quiz to my wonderful kitty, Sylvetser, since I am away at the moment and miss him terribly. Rate, comment, and share your experiences too. Warning: This is a quiz for animal lovers to take for fun,and its one of my first quizs so cut me some slack!

Created by: sophiasirugi

  1. About how much does a healthy house cat age per year?
  2. I'm a long haired beauty, and my name rymes with German, what breed of cat am I?
  3. Oh no! I have some gooey dark stuff in my ears! And my owner doesn't know what it is! You tell her/him it is...
  4. Which one of my ancesters can't retract its claws?
  5. What is a healthy snack for me?
  6. Why are my whiskers so important?
  7. Im a cat with pure white fur and blue eyes, what am I at risk of from birth?
  8. How long have we cats been in contact with humans?
  9. About how many cats exist in the United States, not counting the many on the streets?
  10. Random Q. Do you have any cats? Were they adopted?

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Quiz topic: How much do I know about cats?