How Much Do You Know About Cats

You might have a pet cat in your house, or maybe your friend or your relative has a pet cat, or maybe they don't. But, either way, do you really know anything about cats? Their breeds? Their behaviour? Their anatomy? Do you?

If you want to know, take this quiz, How Much Do You Kow About Cats, and find out how much you really know about your furry friends and if you are a true cat expert or not!!!!!!!

Created by: Bob

  1. Out of every 24 hour day, an adult cat sleeps:
  2. An ideal surface for cats to scratch on is:
  3. The first sense a kitten gets is:
  4. Between the skull and hips, cats have this many vertebrae:
  5. Cats can jump this far, vertically and horizontally:
  6. Cats with blue eyes and white fur are usually:
  7. Most cats like milk because of the:
  8. In Europe, cats clawing at the curtains means:
  9. In Asia, a good luck symbol is Maneki Neko, which means:
  10. Calico cats are:
  11. Most cats in this country are not affected by catnip:
  12. In Germany, a black cat is:
  13. The first show breed in the US was:
  14. A cats fur grows every:
  15. Polydactyl is:

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