Which of my imaginary cats are you

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I have a group of imaginary cats.They are Daisy,Moonlight,Tracks,Sasha,Blaze, Shadow,and Speedy.They all have their own special talents and personalities.

What you are probably wondering is,is which one best fits your personality?Well,this quiz is a great way to find out that,something about your personality,and something about these cats.

Created by: Bad kitty
  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. What is your BEST trait?
  2. What is your WORST trait?
  3. What talent do you usually rely on in a fight?
  4. Which do you think is more important,head or heart?
  5. Do you think knowledge is the most important thing.
  6. What are your favorite colors?
  7. Which do you value the most?
  8. Are you creative?
  9. Which best describes your personality?
  10. Last question.What is your current mood.

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Quiz topic: Which of my imaginary cats am I