just a who will you fall for quiz part 8

Hello! You're going to have a wonderful day with Jacob with a surprise. Just to let you know, there will be a unexpected surprise. When? I dunno. There'll be one, but not in this one or the next one. So yeah! Be prepared. I know I said in the last one, I'd get this done by next week. Sorry. Haha. But here it is! P.s. there are some questions in the parting words. take a look at them!

Jacob- long blonde hair with light brown highlights. sweet shy and sensitive. deep forest green eyes. Lucas- flippy dirty blonde hair. a player, sweet to the people he really love. glass green eyes. Joseph- black side-swept hair that spikes up in the back so it looks like his head is a fireball. you best friend who knows what he wants, but doesn't always get it, popular. Bright blue eyes. **Carson- bright blonde hair that glow through anything and cover his eyes. he's been your crush since grade 3, he's know to everyone, but isn't popular. Stunning chocolate brown eyes. **Rikki- short brunnette hair that sticks out in the front. he has the reputation of a player but changed, your science partner. blueish-greenish eyes that remind you of the ocean. **these guys are not a choice. even though they rarely show up in the quiz, the play a huge part in the story.

Created by: Hazdam
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  1. It's Monday. The day where your busy week start. I've decided to change your week a bit. Here's how it'll go: Monday-Hang out with Jacob, Tuesday-date with Jacob, Wednesday-a day with your science partner, Thursday-a daye with Lucas, Friday-movies with Joseph and Carson. Okay?
  2. "Hey _____. Today is going to be perfect! Just you, me and us." Jacob greets you. He holds his elbow out and you take it. Your kind of nervous because Lucas might see you too. "So, what do you wanna do after school?" he asks. "I dunno. I'll think about it."
  3. The first bell rings. "Well see you!" he says cheerfully. Smiles and walks to his first class. You notice he brought you right to your locker.You open it up and take your stuff out. When you close it, you turn to your right to find Rikki leaning on the lockers next to yours. "Hey babe. I have my part of the assignment done. How 'bout you?" he say says with his grey eyes gleaming. "Uh, yeah." "WE still up for Wednesday?" You nod nervously. "I think I should get to class." "No problem baby, See you around." He clicks his tounge and walks away.
  4. When you make it to class, there is a note on your desk. When the time is right, you read it. It says, 'Wow, your are such a slut.' Your jaw drops and you look around the class trying to figure out who wrote this. Your eyes lay on one person. Surprise, surprise, it's Teri. 'Why would you think that?' You write. 'Hmm. Lemme think. Your going out with both Jacob and Lucas, I saw you flirting with Rikki, you're going to the movies with Carson, and you're stealing my boyfriend.' You get so mad that you practically scream. "Are you okay?" the teacher asks. "No! Not really!" you yell. "Do you need to talk about it?" Joseph asks. He's sitting right in front of you. When you see his gorgeous blue eyes, you can't help but smile and calm down. "No Joseph, thanks anyway." He nods and turns around. He sighs and turns back around facing you. "Was it about the note?" Gasping you say, "You didn't read it did you?" "No! I'm just wondering." "Yeah, but I do not want to talk about it."
  5. He smiles that brings happiness back into your system. Because of your outburst, the time passes to the next period. You sigh and head to the next class, math. The lesson is to do a whole bunch of questions and have your partner mark it. You partner is Lucas. "Wow! 95%! Good job _____!" You sigh, "You got 72% Lucas. If you don't pull up, you might fail. You're average is 63%" "Maybe you could tutor me" He leans in for a kiss but you push him away. "As much as I want to tutor you, I just can't." He frowns and looks at his paper. Seeing hi like this softens your heart. "Okay, fine. We can start maybe on the weekends and we'll see after that." His face lightens up and gives you a hug. "Lucas, _____. This is math class, not drama. Hand in your work please."
  6. When the bell rings, it's break. Or as you like to call it, snack and relaxation. In this period, you can do whatever you want. What are you going to do?
  7. Regardless on what you've chosen, you run into Carson. He's sitting on a picnic table. YOu walk over to him, "Hey, whatcha doin?" Still working he says, "Homework. Can you help me? I'm stuck on 7." "Sure." You sit next to him explaining. (right now, your doing some weird math or science problem. let's just say it's E=MC2 or something) "Wow! Now it makes sence! Thanks _____! You're really smart." Cason pushes the hair out of your face. He smiles and gives you a soft kiss.
  8. He looks at you then walks away. You get up and walk towards the school. As the school day goes by, you can't help but think about what you and Jacob are going to do. What are you going to do anyway?
  9. It's after school. Your standing near the stairs of the school waiting for Jacob. He's running with a smile from ear to ear. "_____! Have you thought of what you wanna do?" "Yeah. Do you wanna (what ever you chose)?" "Sure! Come on!" He laughs and grabs you hand and runs not stopping. When you get to the destination you're both breathing heavily. "Did we really have to run?" you ask out of breath and laughing. "Haha. No. I just thought we could we a little run." You playfully punch his arm. There is 3 hours until it gets dark.
  10. When the activity of choice is over, it's already dark. You wrap your arms around Jacob's lean you head. The sky is covered in beautful stars, and the lamp posts are making the wet street glitsen.
  11. He brings you right to you house. "You know, that was only us hanging out. Just wait until our acual date." He wink and walks away cooly. Are you satified?
  12. You sigh and close the door. Your about to get washed up when you cellphone rings. It's Jacob!
  13. "Hello Jacob." you say sounding tired. "_____! You've got to help me! I don't know what to do!" It sounds like he's crying. "What Why?" "It's Lucas! He's hurt! Please! He might not live!" "Don't worry Jacob, I'm coming."

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