Does he like you?

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Created by: Ericat

  1. Are you friends with him?
  2. How much do you see him looking at you? (If you answer "A lot" or "Quite often" answer number 4. If not, skip it)
  3. You both have....
  4. (Again, only answer this question if you answered "A lot" or "Quite Often" to question two) How does he look at you?
  5. How does he treat you compared to other girls?
  6. When he's looking at you his eyes....
  7. Also I know there are some shy people out there, so this question is ONLY for the people who have a crush on shy boys. If it's not a shy boy, than skip this! But when he is near you, does he look anywhere BUT you?
  8. Does his voice get louder when you're around?
  9. Does his eyebrow raise when you are around?
  10. Okay I also want you to go to the link that's on answer response one.

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