Which do you prefer?

So if you think you're up for this free money, try it, here's my link and it will get you started, and I really appreciate you reading this and checking out my link

Hey, honestly y'all can get a free apple iPod with minimal effort. Nothing is free we all know that and what this is going to cost you is a little bit of your time, but absolutely no dollars out of your pocket for in return a $300 dollar value. The way this work is you sign in with your email and make a password, and then you type in your shipping address so you�ll get it after you are able to receive your iPod. After that you have one requirement, to sign up with a service, usually over 5 dif choices, something it really doesn't matter because they are all free for 2 wks - 1 month, and then they start charging. So just sign up for one service, mark your calendar a week later to cancel, and you are one step away from receiving your iPod. Next all you do is talk to 5 of your friends and tell them exactly what I'm telling you they should be interested, if not just ask them if they can do you a small favor and won't cost them any money, just maybe five minutes. Tell them to go to your site that you receive when you sign up and to try the service and tell them that you will mark your calendar and you will call them and remind them a week later to cancel in time, so they don't have to worry about that. I recommend talking to them in person next to a computer and walk them through it that, definitely guarantees that you get your iPod. If they still aren't interested offer them 5-10 bucks this will cost you from 25-50 dollars but you are getting something that cost 300 dollars so you still are making a profit, think of it as a small investment. Do this to five people and you will have an iPod in the mail. For those of you that try to beat the system don't try. First thing you can't have the same address anywhere, no room mate, no sister no brother nothing like that, so watch out for that.

Created by: Jamel of www.myspace.com/144407849
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  1. Does your ideal mate have to be funn?
  2. Does your mate have to be attractive?
  3. Do you like to have intellectual chats with your mate?
  4. Do you love to just chill and relax with your mate?
  5. Do you have a inner wild side?
  6. Do you love to go to outings with your partner?
  7. Are you always chasing someone who is out of your league?
  8. How would you describe your last bf/gf?
  9. Are tired of answering questions?
  10. Are tired of answering questions?

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Quiz topic: Which do I prefer?