The 10 most embarrassing moments of my life.

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You might think these are funny, you might think they are weird. But hey! You're the one who wanted to come here, so... just sayin. If you've had anything similar happen to you off of this list, comment below!

Extra points btw (not really) if you know what anime this picture is from. I honestly don't know, I just picked a random pic off google of a girl blushing.

Created by: Ericat

  1. #10. So I had this friend in 6th grade (last year), and I kept on forgetting his name. So I called him Mario instead, the nickname he went by, until I memorized it.
  2. #9. Once I was standing in line for school breakfast, and I tapped this one girl on her back, thinking it was my friend. She turned around and I saw it was a girl I’d never seen before.
  3. #8. Once in fourth grade, we had this thing called 50s day, where you dressed up as people from the 50s. So my grandma found this skirt on Amazon or something like that and bought it for me. Then on the actual day, I found out at recess it was windy, and the wind blew up my skirt. Lucky thing I came prepared with shorts underneath, but now I have a fear of skirts. And if you say that’s weird, now you know why.
  4. #7. One time, I was playing with one of my little cousins, when she found a “leak napkin” (if ya don’t know what I mean, don’t worry about it). Luckily she was only 3, so she didn’t know what it was.
  5. #6. One time I had come out the bathroom with toilet paper hanging out of my pants. My dad was the one who spotted it. I was so embarrassed.
  6. #5. Another time I was getting ready to get in the shower, so of course I had nothing on, and my dad walked in on me.
  7. #4. I was sitting in Math LAST YEAR when I accidentally let out a fart. Sadly, the kid I used to have a crush on was in that class, so….
  8. #3. My old crush (same one as on number four) came in from recess one day on a hot day saying, “I’m hot”. That was also the same time my friend whispered something funny in my ear, and I burst out laughing. He gave me this look because he thought I was laughing about him saying he was hot.
  9. #2. One time I had asked out this boy (the same one as on number four and three, this is why I don’t like him any more) over a note. He rejected me, and showed it to the Literacy teacher, who showed it to the principal. So now my principal, who I have to have another 2 years with, knows who I like. Which (if you haven’t guessed already) is sad.
  10. #1. Another time I was chasing a person, who I thought was my friend. Then they turned around, and I saw it was my old crush (same one as on number 4 and 3).

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