My most embarrassing moments

So, these are 7 of the most embarrassing moments of my life (that I can remember) and I sorta do and sorta don't hope this gets front paged, cause some of these are really embarrassing, that you will only be thinking Ohmiword, really?

Unfortunately, all of these are true, especially the last one, no exaggeration. -_- poor me. Oh my word, you are going to flip over the last one, but please don't skip any.

Created by: Houndlover

  1. #1 part 1 When it was the last day of first grade, this boy dared me to triple knot my sneakers together. I said no. And he was all 'oh, you're scared aren't you? You know why? Because you're a girl!' I couldn't let him do that to me!
  2. #1 part 2 So I tied them together and we went outside to the playground. I couldn't get them undone. I had to sit aside and when there were 5 minutes left till the day was done, a kid had to undo them.
  3. #2 part 1 On my tenth birthday, I had my crush over at my party, and another friend (a girl). I pulled her into my room, and my 4 year old sister was eavesdropping, curse her.
  4. #2 part 2 So I Said to my friend, that a lot of girls had a crush on him (he was soo cute!!!) And my sister went to him and said 'Kaitlin loves you' I was like Ohmyword Chloe!!!
  5. # 3 part 1 So, when I was in public school (2nd grade) I had a huge crush on a boy. It was recess and I was walking across the playground.
  6. #3 part 2 'Look out!' the boys yelled to me when the ball came rolling in front of me. I saw it. It stopped right in front of me. I don't remember WHAT I was thinking, but I kept walking and tripped over the ball and fell face first into the grass. And my crush was one of the guys.
  7. #4 (also in 2nd grade) There were these twins in my class, and I trusted them with everything. I told them about my crush, and one of them went to him and told him. I haven't forgiven her yet, and now I'm going into 7th grade.
  8. #5 (also in 2nd grade) I had (and still do) have a friend who is a year younger than me. He lives one house down from me, and, um, we told some friends on the bus that we had a playdate the other day, and they're all 'ooooo, a DATE!!!!' (I had a crush on him at the time)
  9. #6 So, it was a year later, and I still had a crush on guy down the street. And I heard him looking for his new dog. I wrote him a letter, and the next day, when I was giving it to him, I got a tongue tied, and said it was from my mom, and I wrote my name as a signature. Haven't talked to him since.
  10. #7 So this happened last night (May 22) I was at church, with a ten year old who is also in my class with me (I'm going on 13.) and when I was saying goodbye. He leaned over, and tried to kiss my but I dodged. (Thank you 4 years of playing and winning dodgeball in Karate!!!) And guess who saw it. My dad.

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