What will happen to you tomorrow?

There are many things that can happen but what will happen to you???? it it yet to find out in this quiz about tomorrow..... Oh and hope you enjoy this quiz!

What WILL happen to you tomorrow?????? Something special? Something embarrassing? Something Weird????? Find out by taking my quiz! (This is the same person who wrote the awkward and embarrassing moment rp ones!

Created by: Alanna

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  1. Okay no effect on the first ones so have you taken my other quizzes, awkward and embarrassing moments rp and awkward and embarrassing moments rp 2???? Please take them.... they rock!... and are really funny!
  2. #1 How often do embarrassing things happen? (peeing in your pants, pooing in your car, being caught naked, etc)
  3. How lucky are you????? IN your mind.
  4. Do you believe in aliens???
  5. A little rp time... no effect i just love it!
  6. Okay so you are in the bathroom and peeing and someones showering and they poke their heads out of the shower curtain and start laughing. You.....
  7. Okay so last rp question. (no effect)
  8. Okay so you are camping and there's no bathrooms and only your crush knows where they are. (Your camping with your crush) you.....
  9. Sorry if you don't like your answer or if its wrong.... i just really wanted to make one so please don't hate......
  10. Are you talented???
  11. Will you comment or rate?? Not begging just if you liked it or wanted to share your experiences with me if they happend to be like the quiz please comment on them. Thanks! no effect on answer.

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