After partying tonight, where will you wake up tomorrow?

This is a quiz to decide what kind of party person you are. More importantly, where might you end up the next morning. There have definitely been some bad incidences in your past, but let's see how you stack up against the others.

What might happen to you if you were not to make it home after a night of partying? What situation might present itself that leads you down a different road. Or maybe you will travel down a road you are already familiar with?

Created by: Jeff McMullen of Myspace
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  2. What is your gender?
  1. What is the highest number of drinks you can drink without throwing up?
  2. What are the chances you think you will hook up with someone?
  3. Roughly what is your annual income?
  4. A blind man is having trouble crossing the street. Do you...
  5. Who are you going out with tonight?
  6. How much money do you plan on taking with you?
  7. What are your expectations?
  8. What are your expectations?
  9. What song gets you pumped for a party?
  10. How long will you spend getting dressed and ready?

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Quiz topic: After partying tonight, where will I wake up tomorrow?