How Well Do You Know the Lize-s?

You think you know someone when you can list their "favorites," but how well do you know the Lize-sisters? Here are some behind-the- scenes questions and scenarios that a few know. How well do you know us? Take it and find out!!!!

Which sister was a cheerleader? If you said "both," you win!!! That was easy, though. Take this in-depth quiz that will keep you laughing and definitely make you wonder about all the things you THOUGHT you knew and some that you wished you didn't!

Created by: Bethany and Jill

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  1. Which started first? (listed alphebetically)
  2. Who came up with Belize?
  3. Who or what is "Goat-lize"
  4. Bonnie, Justin, Jill, Bonnie's sister, and Bethany were in a car driving to the movies. A kid was holding a piece of food in his hand on the curb. Who noticed?
  5. What did Jill think when she saw the child holding the food?
  6. What did Bethany say when she saw the kid holding the food?
  7. This shows the personality of Bethany and Jill because . . .
  8. "SN" equals what?
  9. "SN squared" equals what?
  10. How did "SN" and "SN squared" get started?
  11. Who gets called "Randolph?"
  12. Jill used to smuggle things inside her underpants. What were they?
  13. Bethany told on Jill for hiding what in her bedroom?
  14. To this day, Jill and Bethany argue over an item that was stolen and returned of mom's. What is this item.
  15. Bethany and Jill were accused and punished for taking an expensive, imported Chocolate bar that our parents were saving for their anniversary. Who took it?
  16. Same scenario. Where was it found?
  17. Same scenario. When was it found?
  18. Why didn't Jill eat it all?
  19. What does "BB" mean?
  20. "BB" started when Jill said to our mom . . .
  21. At Bethany's funeral, in the middle of the service, Jill is required by law (in Bethany's will) to do what? (A lawyer must witness this.)
  22. There is a frightening ornament on our parent's Christmas tree. Jill started the tradition, now all three of us children have one, as ugly as they are. What is it?
  23. Daddy was asleep on the couch when the Christmas tree fell towards him. When he opened his eyes in terror, whose face was coming down at him?
  24. There was a tin of banana nut bread mix that was left in the fridge. Jill was told to clean it out, but never did. Two years later, the mix was still in the fridge. How did she get away with it?
  25. We left a buffet restaurant when Jill was little and she told some people sitting in a nearby booth as we exited . . .
  26. Nathaniel has a reputation with Bethany and Jill, misleading as it is, for doing what?
  27. WHICH SISTER . . . tanned in her overalls?
  28. WHICH SISTER . . . pretended at school they had a twin and pretended to be both?
  29. WHICH SISTER . . . hates to watch the other one eat?
  30. WHICH SISTER . . . had an air freshener in her purse?
  31. WHICH SISTER . . . stole the foundation?
  32. WHICH SISTER . . . pulled the heads off of Barbie and Ken dolls?
  33. WHICH SISTER . . . is more aggressive when someone is mean to Nathaniel?
  34. WHICH SISTER . . . has had more boyfriends?
  35. What is the famous line after Jill refused to let Bethany sleep with her at 2 a.m. when Daddy was lightly sleeping downstairs?
  36. WHICH SISTER . . . had Marcia Brady syndrome?
  37. Mambo, Malbis, Jankles, Laneisha-Latanya-Latuna and Tanana are all what?
  38. When Jill comes over to Bethany and Justin's, she ONLY eats, sleeps, watches tv and gets online. For what reason did she jump up and STOMP over the futon out of a hibernating slumber?
  39. Plus One, a boy band, performed one evening. Which sister actually said this, "My name is __________." and then spelled it for them.
  40. What movie made Bethany and Jill become friends?

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