Christie's Story Part 2

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This one is kinda short because I wanted to build the anticipation to the point to where you... I'm not gonna say anything! Whew! I almost spoiled it! Can you imagine that?

Sadly, I WILL NOT SPOIL ANYTHING! YOU SHALL FIND OUT WHAT HAPPENS YOURSELF! Thank you for taking this lovely quiz! Shout out to ghettobabe4ever out there!

Created by: Ericat
  1. That night, my older sister Christa is there. Christa is beautiful. She has midnight black hair with deep brown eyes. She likes the color black and blue, but mostly just black. "Hello my sister," she says. I go over to hug her. She lets me go and says, "Hey, do you want to go to the fair? They're open right now." I nod. She sits me down in the car and we're giggling the whole way there, because she's doing an impression of a man, and every time her voice goes low, her voice cracks and goes high pitched.
  2. Once we get to the fair, we get cotton candy. Christa and I were recently installed with an E-Stomach, which is where we can eat food. We still can't drink anything though. It messes with the wires and shuts us down.
  3. I stay at Christa's house that night. And even though she likes the color black, the house is mostly white on the inside. "It's for a 'clean look,'" she says. That night she introduces me to her boyfriend, Kyle Moore. He has brown hair and blue eyes. He seems nice.
  4. I go to the market that night to go get food
  5. I'm walking home, looking at the food I got. The food category I got the most was...
  6. I start walking again because I had stopped when I looked at the food categories.
  7. But all of a sudden when I'm looking forward, I feel someone's cold hands go over my eyes.
  8. ***CLIFFHANGER*** Sorry!
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