Second Love Part 4

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Welcome to part four of this EXTRAVAGANT quiz series! And I mean, you don't have to comment, but PLEASE DO because it lets me know that people have just happened to come by and take this AMAZING quiz series!

I would like to give a shout out to ghettobabe4ever for reading and commenting on my stories! I would also like to give a shout out to katqueen45, who is a GTQ user who is really kind to me!

Created by: Ericat

  1. **NEXT MORNING** When I wake up and open my eyes, I realize I'm not in my room. I'm on a blue couch, my body covered in blankets. "Hello!" I hear a voice call out. I look up and see Adam. "Hi," I say. "Where am I?" "Well, my dad and I were talking last night and we figured we'd help you out. Plus the adoption authorities tried to get you in an orphanage. I wouldn't let that happen." I smile, and I tell him about what Julian said last night that shredded my heart. He frowns and says, "Don't worry about that... what's the right word?" "Human Being?" I say, and we burst out laughing. "Sure. That'll work. Just don't worry about that... Human Being," he says and he raises his eyebrows up and down, which makes me laugh. I lay back down, and he lies on top of me and kisses me with passion. "Um..." I say. "What... don't you like me?" That's when I realize something horrid. I do like him. From the moment we first met... I've liked him.
  2. So I kiss him back. On the lips. Later that night, someone calls on Adam's phone. "Hello?" he asks. "Oh okay." He looks at me and says, somebody wants to speak to you. His name is Julian.
  3. "WHAT DO YOU WANT JULIAN?" I ask. "Kennedy, I was wondering... can we date again? That girl was... weird." I shout back, "NO YOU CHEATED ON ME! AND I HAVE A BOYFRIEND ALREADY!" I hang up before he can say anymore. That creep back in my life. Adam looks at me and says, "Wait... we're dating?" "What do you think?" I respond back with a smile. He pulls me back and kisses me on the nose. "I'm going to see if dad'll let me take you to a restaurant." He walks in the kitchen and back to the living room. "He said yes."
  4. We leave in the car, Adam driving. It's super silent. But then Adam says, "Hey... my mom told me what your dad did," he said. I look down and say, "I don't even know who he killed." He puts his arm around me. "I know who. Do you want me to tell you?" I nod. "A girl named Jessica Sanders. She was our age, and she went to your school." That's when I remember Jessica. She was a tall girl who was good at math and basketball. She had red hair, brown eyes, and glasses. She was a identical twin to her brother, Nathaniel. A pang of hurt hit my stomach. She was so sweet to everybody, always super helpful. Her. My dad killed her. Then suddenly, it's starts to snow, and I realize I'm wearing a t-shirt. Adam notices and takes off his jacket and hands it to me. I put it on. We park in the parking lot, and I'm about to get out when he says, "Wait Kenna, let's sit here a while." So we do.
  5. I lean back in my seat and he pats his lap. "Kenna, come here. So I sit on his lap and face forward. But he turns me around the other direction, and starts kissing me on the lips. And this is the first time I kiss back.
  6. My knees are on the seat. His hands are around my waist. Then I stop. "Adam, we could get in trouble for doing this in a parking lot. Let's go in and eat." So we do, and when I sit down, I hear a familiar voice. I get up again and look around and see something surprising. "CHRISTIE!!!" I say. She turns around and covers her mouth. "AHHH KENZ!!!" she yells.
  7. That's when I realize she has a boy sitting next to her, his left hand holding her right hand. She smiles at me and says, "Oh this is Zach." He has black tossled hair with yellow eyes. Before I can even ask, she says, "We're dating." I look over at Adam and say, "Yeah we're dating too." Then Adam looks over at Christie and says, "May we sit across from you two?" Christie nods.
  8. Adam leans over and kisses me. I blush and Christie laughs. "Same old Kenz." Kenz was what she called me when I was still living there. "Want to come over to my house after we're done eating?" Christie asks all of us. Adam nods and says, "Sure. My dad won't mind. I already told him that Kennedy and I might be out long because of date night." He winks at me and I laugh.
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