Second Love Part 3

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Welcome to part THREE of my quiz series. It's a lot more dramatic than the last one, and if you're a very emotional person, leave if you want, because this one is super sad.

I'm starting this new thing now as well where I am going to give shoutouts to GTQ users in the second paragraph. This shoutout is to Ardeo99999 who made an amazing quiz series (BUT THEY DIDN'T FINISH IT ARGH!).

Created by: Ericat

  1. When I get home mom's not here. The phone rings. And I pick it up. Somebody says on the other end, "Hi Kennedy. I have some bad news. . ."
  2. It's Adam. I realize his voice the moment he calls. "What is it?" I ask. "Your mother and my mother went to broadway... Kennedy... I don't know how to explain this." "It's okay," I respond softly, knowing something was up with my mom. His voice hit a voice crack as he said, "Kennedy... your mother... died. A drunk driver hit their car..."
  3. I'm silent on the other end. I finally decide to break the silence by asking, "What about your mother?" "She's... ok. She got a coma, but nothing else."
  4. "Oh," I say calmly, trying not to break into tears. "Yeah..." Adam says. "They won't even let me see her. That's how bad it is. But your situation is worse." "I. . . I gotta go. . ." I say, and hang up before he can even say bye. I break down into tears.
  5. Two hours later, the phone rings again. "Hi Kennedy..." he says. "I um. . . wanted to tell you something. I like someone else now. In fact she's here." A girl comes on the phone and says, "Hi Kennedy! Can I call you Kenny?" She doesn't give me time to answer, just keeps rattling on. "Yeah, I'll call you Kenny!" "Hello," I say, my heart shredding to pieces. Why would Julian do this? "Hehe," she laughs. "Julian got me a necklace with a horse on it. He's so adorable," she says. I can feel her smirking through the phone. "I know," I say. "He used to be my boyfriend. Give the phone back to Julian," I say angrily. He's back on in a few seconds. "You think this is funny?" I say. "Cheating on me?" "I'm not cheating on you Kennedy!" "REALLY?" I say. "Has she asked you out? Wait don't answer that, I already know. And you said yes, didn't you?" I yell. "I did say yes. . ." "THAT'S IT! WE'RE OVER AND DON'T CALL ME BACK!" I slam the phone on the receiver.
  6. **NEXT MORNING** When I wake up and open my eyes, I realize I'm not in my room. I'm on a blue couch, my body covered in blankets. "Hello!" I hear a voice call out. I look up and see Adam. "Hi," I say. "Where am I?" "Well, my dad and I were talking last night and we figured we'd help you out. Plus the adoption authorities tried to get you in an orphanage. I wouldn't let that happen." I smile, and I tell him about what Julian said last night that shredded my heart. He frowns and says, "Don't worry about that... what's the right word?" "Human Being?" I say, and we burst out laughing. "Sure. That'll work. Just don't worry about that... Human Being," he says and he raises his eyebrows up and down, which makes me laugh. I lay back down, and he lies on top of me and kisses me with passion. "Um..." I say. "What... don't you like me?" That's when I realize something horrid. I do like him. From the moment we first met... I've liked him.
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