Teenage Chronicle Part 7

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Created by: TheRecklessBam

  1. "Yeah sorry. I've been busy moving back to town." I heard a familiar voice say. "Well your seat is all the way in the back next to _____." Mr. Gabe said. As soon as I heard him say my name I looked up. I kind of wanted to scream my head off, but in a good way. Patch was standing next to Mr. Gabe grinning at me. My heart was oozing with so much excitement I just couldn't control it. "Patch!" I yelled and the class turned and stared at me. He calmly walked to the back and sat down next to me. "Glad to see you too." He grinned. His dark black hair was hanging over his forehead, and right underneath were his dark, endless eyes that always intrigued me. Other then that seeing his smile made my heart explode all over again. He was wearing his leather jacket, a white v-neck, dark jeans, and timberland boots. "I can't believe your here." I smiled holding back my tears. Mr. Gabe began teaching but that wasn't going to stop me. I was to damn happy. "Ah screw this." I tackled Patch with a hug. "I missed your smart ass comments." I squeezed his neck. "If you hug me any tighter my head might just pop off." Patch said. But he hugged me back squeezing the crap out of me. "Okay, I get it." I groaned. He let go and tickled me. "Patch stop!" I feel backwards off my chair.
  2. "Ow!" I landed on my back. The whole class turned and stared at me. "What are you doing _____?" Mr Gabe asked. The class was laughing at me. Patch was hiding his laughter by coughing. "Uh I dropped my pencil." I pretended to look for it. "Looks like it disappeared." I said standing up. "Here use my extra." Patch grinned and handed me a pencil. "Thanks a lot." I said to Patch. He just smirked. "Next time try and stay in your seat like your partner Patch." Mr Gabe said and continued teaching. I sat down and stared at Patch. "Your a lot cuter then I remember, and a lot clumsier." Patch grinned at me. "Shut up." I playfully punched him. "So did you miss me?" Patch smirked and stared at me. I refused to give him the tiniest pleasure in me giving in to him so soon. "Actually I was pretty busy you know, being normal." I smiled sarcastically. "Normal?" He laughed. "Yeah you know minus all the magic and superpowers." I replied. "I know, but your not very normal." He smirked. I glared at him. "So what happened?" I asked. "That'll have to wait until Xavier arrives with the guys." Patch said. I was kind of tired of waiting but at least I knew the guys were coming back. "Why did you get here first? Weren't you with them?" I asked. "Yeah but I just decided flying here would be quicker." He said. "I can't believe you guys didn't call for three months." I said to Patch. He looked over at me. "Believe me, we tried. It wasn't as easy as you think it would be. We had some tough situations, but thats all over now." He smiled. "Yeah, I'm just glad your okay."
  3. "So whats this school like?" Patch asked. "It has some interesting people." I replied. Patch turned and stared at me."You look different." Patch said. I studied him. "I do?" I asked. He nodded. "Is that a good or bad thing?" I asked a little confused by what he meant. "Good. Definitely good." Patch said. "Thanks? How do I look different?" I asked. "Your a lot more attractive then I remember." Patch grinned. I blushed. "Wow, well uhm it has been three months." I laughed. "Maybe, but who knows." He smirked. "You have a habit of making me feel uncomfortable." I laughed. "You mean like this?" Patch leaned one arm on the desk and another on the back of my chair. He was inches away from my face. Thank god we were in the back of the classroom. People would of though he was going to kiss me. "Mr. Cipriano! Ms _____!" Oh crap. Mr. Gabe saw the awkward scene between me and Patch. "Yes?" Patch turned to face Mr. Gabe. "What are you two doing?" He raised an eyebrow. "Well she stopped breathing so I was going to give her CPR." Patch said and all the girls giggled. "I- what?" I looked at Patch. "Do I have to move you two?" Mr. Gabe asked. Some girls said yes while Patch said no. "No more funny business. I've got my eye on you two." Mr Gabe said. I slumped down in my seat.
  4. "You know I've already had enough awkward experiences with Mr. Gabe. You just added another one." I said to Patch. "Maybe we can give him a couple more." Patch grinned. "Glad to have you back." I laughed. I was to happy to even say anything back to his arrogant comments. "So are you going to the game tonight?" I asked. "I don't know. I'm thinking about it." Patch said. "There a party after. You should come with us." I said. "Your going to a party?" Patch asked. I could tell he was going to get kind of protective. "Yes I am. I think It's legal." I joked. Patch just grinned. "I'll see what I can do." He said. I noticed Ezra, who was watching us, grinning like crazy. I already knew what she was thinking. "She's weird huh." Patch said. "Uh yeah just a litter." I laughed. "Shh!" Mr. Gabe hissed. Patch and I laughed. We tried talking but Mr. Gabe kept shushing us the during the remainder of class.
  5. "So whats your next class?" I asked Patch as we walked into the hall. I noticed a lot of girls were eyeing him. "English." He responded after checking his schedule. "Looks like were partners again." I said smiling. "I'm looking forward to this." He grinned. "Come on." I said and began walking. I think Patch was the only one that wasn't wearing blue, but he didn't seem to notice, or care. "Hey ____!" I turned around and saw Adam catching up to me. Patch turned and look at Adam. "Who are you?" They asked each other at the same time. I cut in. "Patch this is Adam, Adam this is Patch." I introduced them. "You new?" Adam asked. Patch nodded. "Welcome to Everlast." He smiled, and it seemed sincere. "Thanks." Patch replied. "See you at the game." Adam grinned at me and walked away. "Who's that?" Patch ask. "Adam, the team's quarterback." I replied. "I'm not impressed." Patch said. I just laughed. "Let's go." I said and walked to english
  6. "Welcome Patch." Ms Johnson said as we both walked in. Patch smiled at her. "You sit in the front next to _____, who I see you've already met." She said smiling at me. "We've done more then just meet." Patch grinned at me. "Excuse me?" She asked. "Erm- nothing." I said and sat down in my seat. "Are you trying to make me feel awkward in front of every teacher?" I laughed. "No, but I am trying to do other things." Patch stared at me and gave me his mischievous smile. "I don't even want to ask." I laughed. He grinned. "Three months with out seeing you kind of drove me nuts." He said. I felt my heart begin to race. "At least your back." I replied. "Yeah, Its a good thing we're going to be living together. You know. Me and you, in a house. Where theres bedrooms." He smiled. My heart fluttered. "Your a lot more arrogant then I remember." I said. "But you enjoy it." He grinned. It was true though. Patch's arrogant charm had a way of getting to me. With out it he just wouldn't be Patch.
  7. English passed by and I just sat there listening to the teacher. I would of preferred to talk to Patch, but since we sit in the front she always sits and talks right in front of us. It was quite annoying. After class Patch and I walked out together. "Do you have first lunch?" I asked Patch. He shook his head. "Nah, I have second." He replied. I frowned. "I'll see you around then.Wait, are you coming home with us?" I asked. "Yup, now that I'm officially moved in." He grinned. "Alright well I'll see you after school then." I smiled at patch and turned to walk away. "Ah- I don't think so." He grabbed my wrist. "What?" I turned around. "It's been three months. Don't I get a welcome gift?" He said. I stared at him. His face had no expression but his eyes said it all. They were staring so deep into me I had no control over what I was going to do. "A welcome gift?" I asked, still staring into his dark eyes. I studied my own reflection in them. He didn't say anything. He just simply grabbed my waist and pulled me against his chest. "Oh.." I blushed.
  8. His eyes were so intriguing to me. They were like black orbs that absorbed their surroundings, and reflected everything. I sometimes stared so deeply into his eyes that I could spot out the dark brown from black. Patch tucked a strand of my hair behind my ear. He leaned in and stopped only inches away from my mouth. "I missed you." He whispered onto my lips. "I missed you too." I replied resting my forehead on his. He grinned. He put his finger under my chin and tilted my head up to face him. He leaned in and finally kissed me. It sent a shiver of pleasure down my body. Three months went by with out feeling his soft lips against mine. I wrapped my arms around his neck and he pulled me closer to him. Our bodies were mushing together. His lips were so sweet, and soft that it overwhelmed me. I heard someone clear their throat. My body froze and went rigid. The last thing I needed right now was another teacher catching me at the wrong time. I pulled away from Patch, and looked behind me. My body unfroze and I let go off him. "You should really stop being a creep." I said as Ezra came walking up to Patch and I. "You two should really get a room." Ezra smirked. "Nice to see you too Ezra." Patch grinned. "Sorry to ruin the moment but we need to head to lunch." Ezra said. I turned to Patch. "I'll see you after school." I said. "We can finish this later." He grinned and walked away.
  9. "You and Patch sure got comfortable." Ezra giggled on our way to the lunchroom. I just blushed and looked around for Adam or Daniel. "Over here!" I heard a voice call out. I looked around and spotted out Daniel in a lunch line. We walked over to him. "Where's Adam?" I asked. "Uh he left. Family Emergency." Daniel replied and frowned. "What happened?" I asked. I felt bad because it happened on the day of the big game. "I don't know It's kind of personal. I think Adam should tell you himself though, sorry." Daniel said. "It's fine." I replied. I respected Daniel for that though. He didn't go around opening his mouth about other people's business, and thats one of the things I liked about him. "I'm going to his house after school. You guys can tag along if you want." Daniel offered. "I think I'm going to. Ezra?" I gave her my puppy eyes. "Sure. Just to see if he's okay." Ezra replied. I smiled at her. "Sounds like a plan." Daniel replied.
  10. I spent the remainder of lunch sitting quietly. Not because I didn't want to talk to Ezra, or Daniel, but because I was kind of wondering when the guys would come back, and what happened to Adam. The bell rang and I walked to world history by myself. The class was really boring with out my funny conversations with Adam. After the bell rang I went to french and caught up with Ezra. "I have the biggest stomach ache ever." Ezra frowned. "I'm guessing its from all the cookies you ate at lunch." I laughed at Ezra. "That wasn't a good idea." She groaned. "You'll get over it." I joked and we sat down as Mr Roux greeted us in french. I noticed Jack wasn't here either. Whoop dee doo. Ezra and I sat through french arguing with each other about who was cuter: Peeta, or Gale. Class ended and I somberly walked to Art. Once again Mr Pederson explained to us what we were suppose to draw. I grabbed a pencil and drew out all my emotions. Positive, and negative. In the end I ended up drawing what I missed the most; the guys. "Who are they?" Mr Pederson asked from behind me. I jumped at his voice. Damn art teacher was always everywhere. One minute he was standing in the front of the class, and the next he's stalking up behind someone with out them realizing it. "Oh, uhm, close friends." I replied staring at the picture. "You are quite the artist." He said and walked away before I could thank him.
  11. School ended and I made my way to Ezra. "You just missed Patch." She said. "Where'd he go?" I asked. "I told him we were going to go visit a friend but he decided to go back to the house to settle down." Ezra explained while getting into the car. I didn't really mind that he didn't tag along. It would of been a little awkward. "Do you know where Adam lives?" I asked. "Daniel texted me the address." She turned the car on and began driving, I noticed the town change from normal houses and apartments, to huge mansions and victorians. Each house was spaced out and had so much property. Ezra pulled up to a huge light grayish-blue house. Daniel was already there waiting for us in the drive way. We got out and walked up to Daniel who was laying on hood of his car. "Ready?" He asked. Ezra and I nodded. We all walked up to the door and knocked.
  12. After a few knocks someone opened the door. It was Adam luckily. "What are you guy doing here?" He asked in a worried sort of way. "We came to check up on you." Daniel said with his hands in his front pockets. "Did you tell her?" Adam looked at Daniel. "I thought you should tell her instead." Daniel replied. "Thanks." Adam gave a half smile. I didn't know what he was going to tell me. "Does Ezra know?" I asked. She nodded. "I went to school with them for two years. Duh I now." I replied. I glared at her. "Can you go watch Lucy for a sec?" Adam asked Daniel. Who was Lucy? "No problem." Daniel said and walked behind Adam into his house. "What happened? Are you okay?" I asked. Adam nodded. "I'll go help Daniel." Ezra offered and walked into the house. Adam sat down on the steps outside his door. "Uh well I don't tell a lot of people this. The story about my family, but I just have a feeling I can trust you." Adam said. "You can." I said and sat down next to him. He took a deep breath. "After my mom died two years ago, my dad was in so much depression that he became a drunk. He thought it would help him move on so he kept drinking, he still is after two years. But about a year ago he became violent. I tried helping him and he refused, and hit me. I didn't know what to do after that. I didn't want him to do that to Lucy." He said staring at the ground. "Who's Lucy?" I asked. "My little sister." He replied. "How old is she?" I asked. "She's six now, so luckily she goes to school and doesn't have to stay home with him all day. But today they got let out early so I had to leave to pick her up." Adam said. That must be hard. Having to take over the responsibilities of a grown man. "I just wish she hadn't died. My dad wouldn't be this way. I wouldn't feel this way. Lucy could meet her mom. I don't know stuff about girls, but I'm doing the best I can to help her get through it." He said. I felt so bad for him. For Lucy who was only four when her mother died, and It was so sad. I felt really bad for judging him to fast. I had no idea what he was going through. "Your a really good big brother." I said staring at him. He smiled. "Thanks." He replied. "So what do you do when your at practice. Who watches her?" I asked. "My aunt, she lives with us because she knows. But she left to go on a business trip. It was either that or get fired." Adam said. "So what are you doing to do?" I asked. he shrugged. "I don't think I can go." He barely whispered. I knew how much this meant to him. He said it himself, that football was his life. So I decided to do something about it. "I'll watch your sister." I said. He finally looked at me. "What?" He asked. "I'll watch Lucy. I can do it, really, I can. I use to baby sit all the time. I can take her to the game and we can both cheer you on." I offered. I knew this would help Adam and its the least I could do. "Your being serious?" He asked. I'm sure he thought I was being sarcastic. "I'm serious Adam. and as for the after party I have someone who can take care of him." I said and smirked.
  13. "Really?" He asked. "Yes, really." I smiled. "I don't know. Lucy can be super talkative." He said. "Aw come on. You said you trust me didn't you?" I asked. "I do..." He replied. "Well there you go. You can't miss the big game." I said. "Alright but let me talk to Lucy first." He said standing up. I decided to wait outside. "Your coming too." He said and reached out his hand to help me up. I grabbed his hand and he pulled me up with out a sweat. We walked into the house and it was much bigger then it looked. The living room was huge and had leather couches with a marble coffee table and a huge TV. There was a wooden staircase we walked up. and we stopped outside a pink door. "Lucy?" Adam knocked once and slowly opened the door. Ezra was sitting on the bed playing with a small girl. She looked over to Adam. She had long blonde hair that was in two braids hanging over her shoulders and had pink bow ties at the ends. She had big hazel eyes and was wearing a pink dress. She was so cute. "Adam!" She said and ran up to him. He laughed and picked her up. She was hugging him and he was smiling. It was so cute when guys were good with kids. She stared at me. "Your really pretty." She smiled. "Oh uh than-" "Are you Adam's girlfriend?" She asked pulling away from him. "Lucy! Sorry." Adam said. "It's okay." I replied. She came up to me. "Can I play with your hair. It's really pretty." She said. "Sure, but Adam tell her." I said. Adam leaned down to talk to her. "How would you like to finally go to one of my games?" He asked. "Your letting me go?" She asked. "Actually she is." Adam tilted his head towards me. "Your going to have to sit with her though, is that okay?" He asked. She looked over at me and tackled me with a hug. "I get to sit with your girlfriend! Thank you!" She continued to hug me tightly. "Your welcome." I replied laughing.
  14. "I'll meet you guys at the game." Adam said as we walked out. Lucy was standing next to him waving at us. She seemed quiet but she was nice. "Where is Daniel?" I asked. I noticed he wasn't it Lucy's room, either. "Oh Lucy kicked him out of the room so he went to Adam's room to play COD." She explained and I laughed. "So what's Lucy like?" I asked. "She's a really sweet girl. She may be shy at first but she seems to be warming up to you already." Ezra said. "What you did was really nice." Ezra said to me while driving. "I didn't know what else to do, but I don't mind." I replied. Ezra talked about Cory the whole way back. Once we got into the house I jumped onto the couch from behind and landed on something. I screamed and heard something groan. I was sitting on Patch. "Oh my god! I didn't see you!" I said standing up. Patch opened his eyes. "Oh you were sleeping." I laughed. "Thanks for sitting on me.' He said leaning up. "Well its already 5:30 and the game starts at seven. We should start getting ready." Ezra said. I groaned. "Are we picking up Lucy on the way?" I asked. Ezra nodded. "Okay where did you put the jerseys?" I asked. "We're getting ready in your room." Ezra said walking up the stairs. "You can go back to sleep patch." I laughed and followed her into my room. I saw the jerseys laid out on my bed. "Let's begin." Ezra giggled.
  15. By the time we were done it as 6:45. Ezra and I were both wearing the jerseys, that fit us perfectly and a pair of shorts. She decided to curl my hair and threatened to burn me if I didn't let her. I didn't doubt Ezra for a second, so I let her. "Adam should fall in love with his personal cheer leader I created." She said grinning at me. I rolled me eyes, typical Ezra. We walked downstairs and I saw Patch sitting at the counter eating cereal. He glanced at me and raised an eyebrow. "Shut up. Ezra don't saying anything to Patch." I whispered before he could hear us. "Do I get a cheer leader?" He grinned. I gave him a sarcastic smile. "Listen we're running late so hurry it up." Ezra said to me and walked out the door. "Okay, I'll be there in a minute. Oh by the way, Patch, what are you doing tonight let's say around 9-ish?" I asked putting my shoes on. "Nothing. Are you asking me on a date?" He grinned. "No but I'm telling you your baby sitting for the night. See you around 9!" His smile instantly disappeared and I ran out the door before he could say anything.
  16. "What did he say?" Ezra asked as I jumped into the car. "Well he said he wasn't doing anything at 9." I laughed. "You tricked him into it didn't you?" Ezra grinned and I nodded. "Nice!" She smiled. 15 minutes later we pulled up in Adam's driveway. Daniel's car was still here. "I'll go get her." I said and got out of the car. I slowly walked up to the door and knocked. Adam opened the door a few minutes later. "HI, is Lucy ready?" I asked. Adam stared at me. "Wow.." He said. "Hmm?" I stared at him. "I think I have the prettiest fan on the football team." He smiled. At least he didn't call me a cheer leader. "Thanks." I blushed. "I'm ready." I heard Lucy say from behind Adam. He turned around a knelt down to talk to Lucy. "I'll see you at the game." He smiled and hugged her. "Thanks ____. I really mean it." He said to me. "Its the least I can do." I smiled and took Lucy's hand. "See you at the game." I said and walked Lucy to the car.
  17. We pulled up to the school and it was packed. Students were sitting on their cars and walking everywhere in the parking lot. It took us another ten minutes just to find a parking spot. "There." I pointed to an empty space and Ezra quickly parked. It was 7:15 and the game hadn't started yet. We got out of the car and it was loud. I could hear the band playing and everyone was screaming and cheering, amongst themselves. We walked up to the booth and paid for our entrance. Luckily kids got in free. I grabbed Lucy's hand and walked into the stadium. The bleachers were packed with people in blue, and white. And the opposite side of the field were people dressed in red and white. We were trying to find a place to sit. "____ right?" A blonde girl asked me. "Yeah." I replied. I didn't know her. "My boyfriend is on the football team. I'm Chloe, and this is Molly." She pointed to a brunette next to her. "You should sit with us, I mean you and Ezra are wearing the jerseys so we can all cheer for them together." Chloe said smiling. We agreed and sat next to them. They thought I was dating Adam, but I told them that we were just friends and I was watching his sister. My ears were buzzing from everyone talking. A few minutes later a man announced that the players were coming out. Two people from our school came onto the field holding up a banner that said Everlast Titans, and a few seconds later a football player ripped through it and the rest of the team ran onto the field. The crowd screamed and cheered. Their excitement was beginning to rub off on me.
  18. I looked for Adam, who was number 42. It was pretty easy for me to find the quarterback, but I don't really know football. I can watch it but all I understood was that I yell when our team makes a touchdown. "There's Adam." Molly said and pointed to number 42. I smiled to myself. "There's your brother." I leaned in to molly and pointed to him. "He's number 42." I said. "Adam!" She smiled and cheered for him. "Thank you for bringing me here. He's never let me come before." She said. "Your welcome." I smiled at her. "Go Daniel!" Ezra stood up and screamed. All I saw was Adam throwing the ball to number 18 and he was making a run for it. I realized that was Daniel trying to make a touchdown. "Go Daniel!" We all cheered. The closer he got to the touchdown line the more excited the crowd got. I saw Adam tackle a guy who was coming up close to Daniel. Daniel ran so fast nobody could catch up to him. That's when he made the touchdown and the crowd around me went crazy and began to cheer loudly.
  19. I smiled at Daniel and Adam, even though they couldn't see me. Lucy was giggling and cheering. She seemed to be having the time of her life. I couldn't help but feel like I did the right thing, and it made me feel good. "I'm hungry." Lucy said tugging my hand. "Let's go get something to eat." I said. "Ezra I'll be right back. Lucy's hungry." I said and walked down the bleachers. We got to the line and I could smell the scent of popcorn and candy. "What do you want?" I asked her. "Popcorn." She said in a small voice. I smiled and looked around to see if I could spot out any one I knew. Thats when I saw the dark shadow lurking by the fence surrounding the stadium. I froze, and once again the air around me was freezing. "Whats wrong?" Lucy asked looking up at me. "Uh, nothing." I replied, but I was still staring at the shadow. Lucy looked at the fence. "You see them, too?" Lucy asked. I looked down at her. "What?" I wasn't sure if we were talking about the same thing. "The shadows." She said. "You see them?" I asked flabbergasted. She nodded. "They talk to me." She said. I was getting a little scared. A six year old who was speaking to shadows? "What do they say to you?" I asked. She had my full attention. "Their not bad. Their good." She said. "What do you mean?" I asked. "There talking to you. Their saying don't be afraid." Lucy said. I knelt down in front of her. "When did you start seeing them?" I asked. "After my mom died." She replied. "Does Adam know?" She shook her head. "What do you know about them?" I asked. "They told me not to be scared. There called protectors." She said. She knew so much more then me I didn't know what to say. "What are they?" I asked. "People who passed away." She replied. "And their job is to protect us?" I asked. Lucy nodded. "My mom watches over me." She said. "When do they talk to you." I asked. "They don't always. Only when their suppose to." Lucy explained. I felt like a little kid trying to figure out a college math problem. I was so confused. "When their suppose to?" I asked. "Sometimes they have to deliver messages to us. But their main job is to protect us." She said. I looked back over to the shadow but it was gone. "So their like guardian angels?" I asked. "Sort of." She replied. I had no words to explain how I felt about what just happened.
  20. I got Lucy her popcorn and we returned to our seats." You missed it! Adam scored a touchdown!" Ezra and Chloe giggled. "Aww!" Lucy frowned. "Sorry." I looked at the scoreboard. The score was 21 to 7, and we were winning. What the heck did I miss? I thought about what happened with the shadows. Maybe they weren't bad? I mean they couldn't be because a six year old told me. Why would she lie? It explained a lot though. "The games almost over." Ezra yelled over the crazed crowd. "I'm getting tired." Lucy yawned. "She's getting tired, We should go." I replied. Ezra nodded. "I'll see you at the party." I said to Chloe. We walked out of the stadium and into the parking lot. We found the car and I had to pick up Lucy and put her in the car because she was starting to fall asleep. "She's not that bad." I said to Ezra as she pulled out of the parking lot. "I think Patch won't have any trouble." Ezra said and I laughed. "Adam was right, He was going to score a touchdown for you." Ezra smiled. "I guess." I said and blushed. "Are you going to be his girlfriend?" Lucy asked from the backseat. Crap, I thought she feel asleep. "Uh, your brother and I are just friends." I turned and smiled at her. "If you were his girlfriend I'd be happy." She said. "Uhh.." I didn't know how to respond to that. I just turned back around. "Ezra turn on the radio." I said and she pressed a button. Shortly after we arrived at the house. I got out of the car and opened Lucy's door. She was asleep. "Crap." I said. "Ezra help me!" I whispered and she came around behind me. "Grab her legs." I said. We unbuckled her and dragged her out slowly. I felt weird because we were carrying her super awkwardly. Ezra had her legs and I had her arms. She was still sleeping peacefully. I knocked on the door with my elbow. "Patch! Open the door!" I yelled in a whisper. A few seconds later the door opened. "What?" He asked looking at us. "What the hell?" Patch looked at Lucy. "Grab her. I can't feel my arms." Ezra said. Patch hooked his arms under her legs, and back and carried her into the house. "____?" I heard her mumble. Next I heard a scream and patch groan. "Lucy?" I ran into the living room. "He was kidnapping me!" Lucy said coming up to me crying. "Lucy no," I laughed. "he's my friend. He's going to be taking care of you while I go get your brother." I said. She wiped her eyes. Patch was covering his private part. "Ouch." Ezra laughed.
  21. "Be nice to Patch. He's a nice guy." I said to Lucy. She nodded and turned to Patch. "Sorry." She gave him puppy eyes. "What's this?" He gave her a funny look. "Patch she's apologizing for punching you." I laughed. "Oh uh... Its okay." He mumbled. "Yay!" She went and hugged Patch's leg. He hesitated. "uhm.. we just met." He said. I laughed. "Have fun." I said and walked upstairs. Ezra was already in her outfit. "Start changing." She threw me my dress. I caught it and walked into the bathroom. I quickly took off the jersey and shorts and put on the dress. My hair wasn't as curly as it was before. There was just lose curls, but it actually made the outfit look even better. I applied a little makeup, and did the usual. I walked out. "Okay I think I'm ready." I said to Ezra who was just finishing her hair. She turned around and faced me. "Why do you always look a model?" She gawked. "Thanks?" I said and put on my shoes. "Let's go before I get tired." I said and walked downstairs with Ezra. "We're leaving now!" Ezra yelled out as we walked into the kitchen. Patch walked in the kitchen giving Lucy a piggy back ride, and she was giggling. It was so cute. "You look prettier!" Lucy said. "I agree." Patch grinned and set her down. "Thanks." I said to Lucy. "Are you going to be okay with Patch?" I asked her. "Yeah he's funny. He says you like to snore in your sleep, and your a good kisser." She giggled. "Woah there." Patch covered her mouth. I raised an eyebrow. "I don't snore in my sleep." I protested. He just grinned. "Daniel texted me. The party already started." Ezra said and walked out to her car. "I'll see you two later." I said and followed Ezra out.
  22. ** We pulled up to a huge house that had teenagers all over the yard and cars parked up and down along the street. "We're here." Ezra grinned. We got out of the car and walked up to the door, which was already open. There were people sitting in the living room, and standing in the hallways. "Ezra!" Some one called. I turned to see an unfamiliar guy. "Oh crap." Ezra said. He had brown hair and eyes. "who's your friend?" He asked staring at me. "____" Ezra replied. "This is Evan." Ezra grumbled. "Hi ____" He grabbed my waist and pulled me against him. "Let me go." I growled and tried to push myself away but he was to strong. "Dude, let her go." I heard a familiar voice say from behind me. Evan let me go. "you okay?" I turned around and saw Adam. I nodded. "She your property?" Evan asked. "She's not property." Adam stiffened up. "She's a girl. So respect her." He snapped. I had much more respect for Adam now. "Whatever." Evan laughed and walked away. "Sorry about him." Adam said. "It's okay. It's not your fault." I replied. He studied me. "Woah." He whispered. "Your wearing a dress." His eyes didn't leave my dress. I remembered it was the first time I actually wore a dress in this town. "Yeah." I said. "You look amazing." He finally looked at my eyes. "Thanks." I blushed.
  23. "Where's Ezra?" I asked. "I think she left with Daniel." He replied. "Oh." They've been spending a lot of time together lately. The party wasn't all that bad. Just a bunch of teenagers dancing and talking. "Want to dance?" Adam asked. I didn't really know what to say but I just went with my instincts. "Sure." I replied. We both walked into a big room. It had a DJ on one end of the room and the rest of the room was just full of people dancing. #1Nite by Cobra Starship started playing (you should youtube it). Adam made the first move by dancing like a dork. I laughed and joined in. He wasn't a bad dancer once he stopped messing around. People were starting to join in and the room was getting packed. My adrenaline was coursing through me. I saw Ezra dancing with Daniel and they were laughing a lot. I don't know why but I kind of thought Ezra and Daniel would of made a cute couple. He was kind of like a best friend to me. I would say the same thing about Adam, but I couldn't say it with out lying. He was a little more then just a friend. I think we both knew it. We locked eyes for a few moments. Adam grabbed my waist and pulled me in slowly. I didn't pull away. Something just felt right. I could see the colorful DJ lights reflecting off of his Emerald green eyes. He slowly leaned in. It just felt like it was happening to slowly so I went of my tippy toes and made the move. I could tell he was surprised by this. His lips were soft and his touch just made it a whole lot better. I felt him smile mid kiss, and that made me smile.
  24. I pulled away. "I've been waiting to do to that for a long time." Adam smiled at me. I blushed. "I told you!" I heard Ezra yell into my ear. I jumped and turned around. I smiled at her. "I've got to tell you something!" She said smiling at me. "What?" I replied. She leaned in beside my ear. "I kind of like Daniel." She giggled. "I knew it!" I laughed. "What about Cory?" I asked. She shrugged. "I don't know. It's been three months." She frowned. "Well do what you think is best." I said. She smiled and walked back to Daniel. "Daniel likes her you know." Adam said. "Really" I asked. He nodded. "Well Ezra likes him." I laughed. "We should set them up." Adam grinned. "We should." I laughed. "You go up to Ezra and tell her Daniel likes her and I'll tell Daniel about Ezra." Adam smirked. I liked his idea, and a lot. "Let's go." I laughed and walked over to Ezra. "Hey guys!" Adam said as we walked up. "Hey man." Daniel replied. "Now." Adam said. I leaned into Ezra. "Adam told me, Daniel likes you." I giggled. I looked at Daniel and he was smiling at Ezra. SHe blushed. "Go away! I'm going to make my move!" She elbowed me. I laughed and walked outside with Adam.
  25. We went outside and walked around the block a couple times talking about his mom. He told me her name was Rose and she use to always comfort him, during any situation. "I really miss her." Adam said as we walked up to the house. Ezra came out tackling me with a hug. "He asked me out!" Ezra squealed. "Good job Ezra." I laughed. "Well Its getting late we should go before Patch gets worried. Let me go say bye to my boyfriend." She giggled and ran back into the house. Adam checked the time. It was 11:42. "Wow time flies by." I said. "Only when your having fun." He laughed. Ezra walked back out with Daniel. "You ready?" Daniel asked. Adam nodded. "We'll follow you so I can pick up Lucy." Daniel said to Ezra. She nodded and we got into the car. I listened to Ezra babble about Daniel the whole ride home. After 15 minutes we pulled up to the house.
  26. "Bring Lucy outside." Ezra said through the phone to Patch. "Don't let them see you." She said quickly and hung up. We got out of the car and walked up to the door just as Lucy ran out. "I had so much fun!" She said hugging my leg. "Can we do this again?" She asked. Adam walked up. "I don't mind. It's up to Adam though." I laughed. "What's up to me?" He asked. "Can I come over again? Please please please?" Lucy begged. "Uh, sure.' He replied. "Yay!" She said and hugged Adam. "Thank's for watching her. and who ever else did." Adam said. "My aunt." I said. "Oh well can you thank her?" Adam replied. "No problem." I replied smiling at Lucy. "I had fun tonight." Adam said as Lucy ran to Daniel. "I did too." I smiled. "I'll see you Monday." He smiled and walked to the car.
  27. I walked in and kicked my shoes off. "How was the party?" Patch asked from the living room. "Fun. Ezra got a new boyfriend." I said sitting down next to him. "Yeah, Daniel!" She yelled and sat on the other side of Patch. Patch just laughed. "It's so quiet in here. I'm going to turn on the radio." I said getting up. There was a stereo and a couple of bass set up in the living. I turned on the radio and Dreaming by One Direction started playing. I loved the song, it was so calming. I went into the kitchen to get some food but there wasn't any. "Wanna order a pizza?" I yelled to Patch and Ezra." Yes please!" Patch yelled back. I was going to call Domino's but someone knocked at the door. "I'll get it." I offered since I was already standing up. I walked up to the door and heard voices. I cautiously opened the door. As soon as I saw who it was my heart dropped. I couldn't believe it. I just couldn't. It was exactly what I was waiting for. "Surprise!" Alex said. He was standing at the door with Josh and Calisto. Words couldn't explain how I felt right now.

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