My Magical Life Part 3

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So, this is Part 3 of MY MAGICAL LIFE - confetti cannon goes off and fireworks- Thank you thank you -bows- I know, I know, I took forever to put this out.

Well, it was kind of hard. to juggle the stories. I can manage though. Well, did you hear about the Pyra Potter thing?? I know!!! I wish I could copy and paste her story onto GTQ.

Created by: EagleHeart

  1. Since Charmed Harmony is in this series, here's the cast. LDShadowLady-Piper Kerman | Meghan Trainer- Marci Oakes | Rydel Lynch- Rydel Ray | Ariana Grande- Robin Fox
  2. I grab Piper's hand and basically drag her toward the Room of Requirement. "What were you doing?" I say. "He said that he was looking for you and he wanted to ask you to go with him to Hogsmeade!" Piper blurts in one breath "Oh, we're here!"
  3. I watch as Piper walks in front of the Room Of Requirement three times. A door with a purple star reading , Charmed Harmony appears. "Let's go." I say, fastening my charm bracelet. All the girls in Charmed Harmony have enchanted charms. Mine is a crescent moon. We started Charmed Harmony in secret, I guess that someone heard us singing a random song we made called Mean and loved it. Now, that's practically the only song on the radio. People don't really know who sang the song. and my friends and I want to keep it that way " So. I heard that there is a thing called a Yule Ball next year. Professor Dumbledore needs music we can do it." Marci announces. She's kind of our leader, her charm is crown. "Butwon'tweexposeourselvestotheworld?" Piper quietly mumbles. "What?" Robin asks in confusion."But won't we expose ourselves to the world?" Piper says a little more clearly."Yeah, we might but, we eventually have to." Rydel says, looking at the new rack of clothes. Rydel is the fashonista of the group, her charm is a bow. Piper, well she's the shy one, a rose is her charm. And Robin, her charm is a MockingJay her bird.
  4. "Anyways, let's practice." Marci says. I grab the stereo and push a button. Black smoke encloses our bodies, turning our robes into nude dresses with black lining. This is what I had on in my dreams, I think.
  5. The music starts and its the instrumental to Mean You, with your words like knives And swords and weapons that you use against me You have knocked me off my feet again Got me feeling like I'm nothing You, with your voice like nails on a chalkboard Calling me out when I'm wounded You picking on the weaker man When the song ends, the smoke encloses us again, and changes the dresses to our robes. "That was beautiful." A voice says. "Flare?" I say, looking behind me. I see a group, with Flare, Audrey Lovegood, Elizabeth Dwyer, Raven Fox, and Addison Diggory. "You guys better get out, it's almost time for breakfast." Lizzie says. I run out of the room, grabbing my bow on the way. When I exit, I run into none other then Draco Malfoy. He glares at me. "What." I say. He glares at me. "Okay.." I say, scooting away
  6. I walk inside the Great Hall. I sit across from Ron, Harry to my left. "Why are you so late?" Hermione asks. "No reason." I say, grabbing toast from Ron's plate. "Hey! _______! Give that back!" Ron laughs. "You got the last piece of toast!" I say. "Oh look, it's the morning post!" Harry exclaims. I see Mum and Dad's owl. "Hermione!" Look! It's Mum's owl." I say pointing. The Eagle Owl plops on my head and drops his head so he can see me, upside down. I grabbed him off of my head and untied the letter.
  7. {#IIsTehReading} Dear ______, We kept this from you the whole summer. Mr. Gold found out that you are THE _______ Lindon. He ripped up our adoption papers, and he is now your official guardian. We managed to get you to Hogwarts, but you have to go back to the orphanage next year. Love, Mum and Dad.
  8. "Oh here comes OLIVER" Ron complains. Why is Ron being so, umm whats the word? Off. Harry's been off too! "Hi." Oliver says. "Hi.." I say awkwardly. "Looking forward to Hogsmeade?" Oliver asks. Harry and Ron glare at Oliver, like he was asking them. "Yeah."I say, yet again, awkwardly "That all you came for?" "Oh no, Quidditch practice is today," He responds. "Hey! Move over traitor!" Draco snarls "I need to talk to ______ too!!!" Oh brother... Not again!
  9. "What do you want Malfoy?" I ask. He doesn't say anything but drag me outside to the quidditch field. "BUT I DIDN'T FINISH MY PANCAKEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE" I shout. D: It's just sad. "What?" He says. "I don't know. YOU brought me here." I say. He just looks at me moves closer, and I mean our faces are 6 inches are apart. This is getting creepy. He just kisses me and leaves. AND LEAVES!!!! "What was that for Malfoy!" I scream. "Call me Draco." He smirks. I roll my eyes.
  10. My face blushes red. "Watcha doing?" Lizzie says, scaring me. "Don't do that!" I say "Don't tell Oliver!" She looks at me curiously "Sooo you and Oliver are a thing now?" she asks. "Well, I wouldn't call US that." I answer. Are we a thing? "Oh... I'll still try to get some scoops for Audrey, she's having some writers block."
  11. Welp.. Hello Owlies!!
  12. I'm really sorry that I couldn't post for a a long time, I'm just having a hard time Juggling my other story..

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