My Magical Life Part 2

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This is part 2 of my new Harry Potter Series. This is my first friend cameo. By the way, that means one of my IRL friends OC's are featured in the story.

So, I hope you like it and yeah. Please comment in the comments (duh) if you have any suggestions. Show your owlie pride!!! ^-^ (And yes, I know it says eagle)

Created by: EagleHeart

  1. "Uhh._____ school can wait." Hermione says staring at the large owl in awe. "You, saying school can wait. Sure." I say the owl still perched on my head. "Oh open the bloody letter now." she says impatiently." Okay okay" I say. I carefully retrieve the two letters. "Here" I say handing Hermione's letter to her.
  2. {You're reading now} Dear Ms. _______ We are pleased to inform you that you have a place at Hogwarts: School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.Please find enclosed a list of all necessary books at equipment. Term begins on 1 September. We await your owl no later than 31 July.
  3. "So.. are you going?" Hermione asks. "Huh?" I ask attentively. "To Hogwarts" she says. "Yeah. I don't have to ask Mum and Dad, right?" I inquire. "I don't think so." Hermione responds. "Girls! Breakfast!" Mrs. Granger calls. "Change out of your bed clothes_______. Coming!" Hermione shouts.
  4. I change into a red plaid top with blue jeans and a grey beanie. "Coming Mum!" I call as I run down the stairs. "I made you two's favorites."Mrs. Granger giggles. "Blueberry waffles drizzled with strawberry jam?"We say in unison. "Yup! For a very special day!" Mum says.
  5. "Have you told her yet?" I ask Hermione."Told me what?" Mum asks. "Uhh ... -breathes in- WE GOT A LETTER THAT SAYS WE WERE ACCEPTED TO GO TO A SCHOOL NAMED HOGWARTS AND WE WANT TO GO!!" Hermione says in one breath "Whew" I stare at her. "Uhh. I don't know what to say.. We have to talk to your father." Mum says in worry.
  6. {At School}"Hey Audrey!Can I talk to you?" I ask. "Sure." Audrey says cheerully. I pull her to a private part of the cafeteria. "So..." She says. "Did you get this?" I ask. "Of course! It's a Hogwarts letter! I am A pure-blood after all!" Audrey says pulling her ginger locks into a pony tail. "Okay, I don't think I should go," I reply sadly.
  7. "-le gasp- WHATT!!" Audrey screams. "Shush!" I shush. "Hey Aud!" Audrey's sister Luna says "What's the screaming?"'Heh he.'I think. "I just got my Hogwarts letter Luna, no big deal." I reply. "What?!?!?!?" She shrieks. I watch as everyone stares at her. "Heh heh" Luna laughs. "It's just that I don't want to go." I say. "Oh c'mon ______. Our mum always told us Hogwarts was splendid, you know, before she-" Audrey gulps. "I know." I say, putting my hand on her shoulder "I'll ask Mum and Dad."
  8. {Time Skip} "Dad!!" Hermione and I scream. "Girls, now,now. We have important busness to attend to." Dad says. Both Hermione and I stare at each other. "Come on girls!" Dad says. "Now girls, I have told your father about the letter." Mum explains. "And we have been talking while you were gone and," Dad continues. "We have decided that both of you will go!" They shout in unison. (You might wanna cover your ears) "-le gasp- AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH" Hermione and I scream "We're going to Hogwarts!!"
  9. "Now girls, get ready we- I'll get that" Dad says. As Dad opens the door, a tall, burly man steps inside. "Hello there, eh, _______. I haven' saw yeh since yeh were a wee little baby!" the man booms. "Uhh. Hi. I woudn't want to be rude but, why are you here, uh Hagrid?"I say, scared. "Oh, righ'. Me names Hagrid. I'm here teh show yeh ter Diagon Alley." Hagrid says. "Uhh. Alright. But one thing, can Hermione come?" I ask. "Of course, yer parents though, they can't go." he says "Now, let's get goin'" Both me and Hermione step outside the door with Hagrid.
  10. {At Diagon Alley} In front of a big building Hagrid says "Hermione, I have ter leave yeh here, only me and _______ can come in." "Alright" Hermione says. "Let's go _____" Hagrid says. I follow him to a huge building of marble. "Gringotts" I read. "This here, is the bank of wizards." He says. "Hagrid, why hello, hogwarts business?" a short man says. "Yup, and I have to open the vault." Hagrid says.
  11. {The Vault} "Here yeh go _______" Hagrid says as he opens a heavy, metal door. "Whoa." I say staring at the bronze, silver, and golden coins. "This is all for me." I say in disbelief. Hagrid nods."Fill er up with coins." He says, handing me a drawstring bag.
  12. "Now, ______ I'll get yer books, go get yer wand and robes." Hagrid says. "Uhh, alright, I don't really know Diagon Alley that much though." I shout. 'What do I do now.' I think 'Oh I can ask him' I start to walk towards a platinum blonde boy. "Uh, excuse me, where is Ollivander's Wand Shop?" I ask. "Get away from me, half-blood." He says. "Rude." I say "Oh, there it is." I walk towards the wooden shop.
  13. {Author's Note} Hi everyone! So, this is part 2, kinda working on length. Comment, rate, and Bye Owlies!!

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