My Magical Life Part 1 RERELEASE

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Hi my fellow little owlie! So this is the rerelease of My Magical Life and I think it went well! If you're confused, read the My Magical Life Bio I wrote.

I'm going to try to write these up quicker. Unfortunatly, my laptop use is kind of limited, and my school is year-round. I'll try to type more on track breaks though. :D

Created by: EagleHeart
  1. {The Day Of Hogwarts} I wake up with the sun shining in my eyes. Hermione is still sleeping. I jump to her bed and shake her. "Hermione!It's the day!" I shout. She wakes up with a startle, "Don't do that!" she cries. "You did it to me." I say cheerfully Anyways, we're going to be late for Hogwarts"
  2. I quickly dressed and grabbed my light blue trunk along with my tawny owl, Gryfin and my cat,Crescent. "Comin mom!!" I call
  3. I quickly dressed and grabbed my light blue trunk along with my tawny owl, Gryffin and my cat,Crescent. "Comin mom!!" I call
  4. As I walk down the spiral stairs, my crescent scar(which is on the back of my neck) trickles a sting. I flinch, dropping Gryffin's cage with the tawny in it. "Gryffin!!" I shout.
  5. Suddenly, the cage ascends. "You do know that you could have done that." My sister says. I look up sheepishly "Oh." I say.
  6. "Girls! We're late! Come to the car!" Mum calls. I quickly grab my purse off of its hook and go out to the car. "Here Dad" I say, handing my Dad the trunk. He places it in the truck along with the carts Hermione and I use to carry our belongings through to Platform 9 and 3/4.
  7. {At Kings Cross Station} "Now, where's Ron and Harry?" I say, looking around for my friends. I notice some people staring and Hermione and I, with our trunks, carts, and owls, they must think we're weird. "They're over there." she points. "Dad, Mum, can we go?" I ask. "Alright" Dad says. "Goodbye girls, we'll miss you." Mum says, extending her arms for a hug. We all hug. When we separate, I say to Hermione "Let's go." We push our carts toward the platform entrance. "Harry! Ron!" I say waving and hugging them "It's so glad to see you two!"
  8. "Oh,you first." I say to Harry,blushing. "No, ladies first." Harry says, blushing back. "I'll go first, Bloody Hell" Ron says, pushing between us. I watch as everybody goes into the wall, and I see a certain evil Slytherin named Malfoy glaring at me. I decide to go last. I set my cart in front of me and run. I feel the same tingly feeling you get when you go through. While walking I trip, causing my body to collide with someone else's and my cart to crash into the wall. The body catches me swiftly. "Are you alright?' A voice asks. "Oliver?" I say.
  9. In second year, I had a slight crush on Oliver, but I knew it would never work. "Thanks" I say, turning into the color of Ron's hair. "Here." Oliver says as he hands some of my belongings to me. "______! We're going to be late!!" Hermione says. "Coming! Bye Oliver, see you during Quidditch." I say, the redness diminishing.
  10. I run towards the train, just making it in time. We walk towards a compartment filled wit girls, two of them Lavender Brown, who has a crush on Ron, and Addison Diggory, who has a crush on Harry. They both stand at the window staring at Ron and Harry creepily. "Here we are." Hermione says, as she ushers us into a compartment with a man inside it.
  11. Well, thats it for the rerelease! I really hope that you liked it! Did you?
  12. Well bye fellow owlie!!

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