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  • I liked the new character name, and though some people may prefer _____, it looks odd while reading. Anyway, sorry for lateness, I just missed this one, though I couldn't believe I did. :p I see, it's also raining in your edition. It's raining a lot isn't it? *laughs* Well, at least where I live it is. :/

    I loved this edition, and I completely agree with @music826. It was long, detailed, well-written and stayed true to the book, capturing the real essence of Hogwarts world. :)

  • To answer your request for feedback, I liked having the character's name in there. Since I've been using a character name from the beginning, I've grown used to having one there and to be honest, when I see the blanks I don't even put my own name there. It's kind of odd because I literally just read it as a blank. XD

    Anyway, I loved this edition. It was very long and detailed and stayed true to the book while adding in your own scenes as well. I can't wait for Part 28!

  • I personally prefer first person with a __________ as your name. It helps me to connect more with the story. OH, vulturemonem, I wondered if you could read my quiz that I made, since you and liz_king, and nauthleegayle (pardon my misspelling) all inspired me, I would like your opinion. :) heres the link if you would: [no urls]

  • @music826 I'm glad you liked the name. It felt strange to write a blank instead of a name, and I just couldn't do it any more.

    @hp4evr I agree entirely. I felt strange to write it as well. *laughs* Yes, it is raining a lot. Well, this is set in England after all, all it ever does is rain. I'm looking at it right now!

  • sorry link wont work just go to my GTQ user and it is called your strange hogwarts life part 1


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