A Simple Hogwarts Story Part 4. {Revised Edition}

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This is Part Four to my revised edition of A Simple Hogwarts Story, my first ever series. I hope you like the other parts and I hope you will be there when Saphira's journey ends.

Announcement: I won't be on regularly because I have school starting from tomorrow and my parents have to collect my report. I probably did bad so they won't let me on my laptop. This is my crucial year so I actually need to study. Sorry for any problems caused. Shout out: Zane is Here I would like to give you a massive shout out! Thank you for making a quiz for me and shouting me out in your quizzes! x

Created by: Aria

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  1. Recap: Someone came up to you and said, “Saphira, I have to tell you something.” You asked him, “What is it?” He replied, “I’m your half-brother.”
  2. You coughed, “You’re my WHAT?” The boy with hazel eyes but pale blue rings around it explained, “I am just two years older than you. When you were taken from us when you were a baby, it was the greatest devastation for the family. I was looking for the right time and year to tell you but my excitement got the better of me.” You shook your head, “I still don’t understand. Did my mum cheat on dad or something?” He passed a hand through his black hair and fiddle with a ring on his finger before answering, “OUR dad was with another lady before he was with your mum so he got her pregnant and they had a child: me. I’m sorry if this is too much for you but I just had to tell you.” You scratched your head before asking, “What is your name?” The boy laughed, “I’m silly for not saying that earlier. I’m Matthew.” You shook his hand and asked, “So…how’s mum and dad?” Matthew bent his head, “They’ve gone on.” You asked, “Meaning?” Matthew held your hand, “Mum and Dad died in a car accident two years after you were taken.” You explained, “When I was taken though, I found our aunt and she raised me.” Matthew’s mouth fell into a single, “Oh,” and he said, “I thought you were still imprisoned.” You shook your head and asked, “So you’ve been looking over me?” Matthew laughed uncomfortably, “Yeah and I as your big half-brother, I want to know what’s going on between you and these guys.” You hit his shoulder playfully, “That’s for me to know and you to stay out of.” Matthew raised an eyebrow, “Honestly, no. I’m going to find out, one way or the other so I suggest you tell me when you’re ready.” You placed your hands on your hips, “I dare you.” Matthew grinned, “Oh so you think I won’t find out?” You rolled your eyes, smiling, “Try.” Matthew raised his hands in surrender, “Sorry Mrs Diggory.”
  3. You widened your eyes, “What?!” He laughed, “Oh so he’s one. I wonder if Oliver Wood, Draco Malfoy, Harry Potter and the Twins would appreciate that.” You pinched his stomach lightly, “Stop it,” giggling. Matthew asked, “So how come you’re in Hogwarts?” You told him how you were a transfer and you asked him, “You’ve been in Hogwarts all this time?” He shrugged, “Duh but I’m in Fifth year so this year I have to take the O.W.Ls.” You mouthed, “Ah,” and told him, “Well you know, it’s a bit late and I should really get to Harry and the others. Bye Matthew.” You waved to him as you walked over to the trio. You asked, “What’s going on guys?” Ron groaned, “Homework.” You said, “Lemme see that,” before taking a seat next to him. Ron asked, surprised, “You’re going to help me?” You shrugged, “Why not? I mean, I already finished mines so I don’t see the harm done.” Ron grinned, “Thanks.” You waved it off, “No problem,” you turned to Hermione and asked, “You finished yours yet?” Hermione smiled, “Yeah. It came up to two rolls of parchment though; I hope Professor McGonagall will be pleased.” You smiled, “She will; after all, you ARE the best student of the year.” Harry agreed, “She is the smartest witch of her age.” Hermione grinned proudly at you and you continued helping Ronald. When you were done, you told him, “Now you can write it over and use a different quill. I think your brothers did something to that other one you were using.” His face grew red but you said, “Don’t worry about it. And if you need help with anything, I’m here.” Ron blushed, “Thanks again.” You giggled, “It’s not a problem,” and you saw Oliver coming in the common room. You said to them, “I’ll be right back guys,” and you slowly walked over to Oliver.
  4. He asked, “You alright Saphira?” You asked him shyly, “The second Hogsmeade trip, will you like to go with me?” Oliver spluttered, “You—want—to—go with ME?” You blushed, “Why not?” Oliver smiled, “It’s a date then. I really look forward to it.” You grinned, “Same here. Oliver I’m really sorry about how I treated you though; I’ve been so busy with…” but before you could finish, Oliver finished for you, “Cedric.” You looked at him, “Yeah…” and he said, “It’s alright, I know him and you…yeah…” and he trailed off. There was a look in his eyes you didn’t quite understand; it was like that look when he saw you and Draco in the Potions classroom. You awkwardly pointed out, “Your friends are calling you Oliver,” and you said bye to him. He walked away leaving his scent behind him. You remembered when he said, ‘I’m a Keeper.’ You smiled to yourself and thought, ‘It works both ways.’ You giggled to yourself before sitting on a chair, reading a book. The night had fallen like a fluffy blanket and by the time one o’ clock in the morning, you began getting sleepy. As you rubbed your eyes, you swore you saw Scabbers, Ron’s rat coming into the common room and going upstairs without noticing you. You thought it was strange though because during the day, Scabbers never left Ron. You muttered, “Strange…” before entering your dorm and getting at least 4 hours sleep.
  5. The sun rose beautifully in the sky as you dressed into your Hogwarts robes. You woke Ginny, “Gin, it’s time to get up.” She rolled over to the other side of the bed and groaned, “What, are you my mum?” You laughed, “I might as well be. C’mon, you’ll be late for your class.” Ginny pelted a pillow at you, “Shush…” before getting up. You hurried down the stairs and when you were going into the Great Hall, you tripped and fell. As you scrambled to pick up your books, you heard some snickering. You realised who the people responsible were but you didn’t have time for that. Matthew helped you up and told you, “Leave them be. They’re not worth your time.” You nodded and followed him to eat breakfast. You saw Draco waving to you and beckoning you to join him. You said to Matthew, “I’ll be back in a few and if you don’t see me, I’ll visit you after class or something,” and you ruffled his hair before joining the Slytherin’s table. You greeted him, “Morning Draco,” Draco smiled and you acknowledged, “Blaise. James,” they both nodded. Draco smirked, “Excited for Potions?” You shook your head, “No, I’ll have to be spending two hours with you.” James commented, “Oooh, burn.” Draco took a bite of his apple, “Sure, sure. You know you can’t get enough of me.” You rolled your eyes, “You’re starting to sound like someone I know.” Draco raised his eyebrow, “Whom, may I ask?” You shook your head, “Oh it’s no one.” Blaise interrupted, “So I hear you’re giving Granger competition.” You asked, “Excuse me?” Blaise shrugged, “That’s what I heard. You’re topping her in several classes, aren’t you?” You shrugged, “Doesn’t really matter to me.” They nodded and James asked Draco, “Why couldn’t she MY partner in Potions?” Draco snapped, “Maybe because she doesn’t like guys with big egos.” You interrupted, “Woah Draco, bit far dontcha think?” Draco ruffled your hair, “Whatever,” and he turned to his friends, “We better get going. Bell is going to ring now.” As if on cue, the bell rang and you started walking to Potions with Draco. As you entered the class, Professor Snape gave you all instructions and left the classroom because apparently there were “matters” he had to “attend” to. You shrugged and went along with your business. You, Blaise, James and Draco were on one table. Yours and Draco’s hands touched while trying to reach for the knife but you immediately pulled back, blushing.
  6. James noticed and asked, “So you’re dating Cedric Diggory right?” You were thrown off guard, “What? No, he’s a friend.” James nodded, “Yeah, okay. I think you should’ve been in Slytherin.” You scoffed, “So Pansy can kill me in my sleep? No thank you.” Blaise laughed, “Good comeback and true.” You pointed out, “Don’t chop it Draco, peel it.” After a few seconds, Draco put down everything and said loudly, “I give up!” You took his hand, ignoring the sparks that you felt and showed him how to do it. He smirked, “I knew that.” You sarcastically replied, “Yeah, that’s why you were so great at doing it.” He wiggled his eyebrows and said, “Whatever.” In the meantime, James was trying to cut a seed in half. Eventually, he managed to cut his finger instead. You muttered to yourself, “Good thing I have my stuff,” and you pulled out a clean bandage, some cleaning material and something to clean the cut with. He groaned, “That burns,” while you were dabbing the wound. You said, “It’s just a cut,” and you put the bandage on for him. He thanked you and you asked, “So why are you guys being so nice to me?” Blaise said, “Any friend of Draco’s is a friend of mines.” James grinned, “Because you’re cute.” You looked at Draco out of the corner of your eyes and you saw him giving James death glares. You asked, “So where IS Dumbledore at this point?” Draco shrugged, “Probably up in his study.” You nodded and continued working silently until Matthew came through the door. He said, “Saph, I’m not even supposed to be here but Cedric says to meet him after class.” You rolled your eyes, “You couldn’t tell me this after, could you?” Matthew grinned, “I could but I wanted to risk it. Anyway, remember you dared me to do something? I’m putting the pieces together honey.” You hit his shoulder and told him to go back to class or wherever.
  7. You were done with the Potion and so were the rest of guys on your table. You asked Draco, “What’s going on?” because he seemed silent since Matthew came in. Draco rose up his head, “Hm?” You repeated, “What’s going on?” Draco suddenly turned cold, “Nothing Mendler. Can’t you see I’m busy?” You didn’t expect that but you tried not to show it so you muttered, “Okay,” and just waiting for the bell to ring. The time went by slowly and you didn’t bother to wait on Draco. You walked out of class all by yourself and sat on a bench on Hogwarts Grounds. You didn’t have class for the rest of the day, surprisingly so you decided to write in your journal. When you were writing, you saw Ginny crying in a corner. You put your book away, afraid to approach her but did it nevertheless. You slowly asked her, “Are you okay Ginny?” She nodded, “I just…it’s the memories from last year’s events coming back to me,” and she told you all about Tom Riddle’s diary. You gasped, “So…he possessed you?” She began crying more but you sat next to her and pulled her into a hug, “Oh Ginny, it’s alright. He won’t harm you again, I promise.” Ginny smiled, “Thank you; but we don’t know that.” You shook your head, “If he ever tries to, I’ll be by your side, kicking his butt.” She thanked you and you told her to get ready for her next class. She nodded and walked away. You sighed; the time here seems to go by so fast. It seems like just yesterday you were laughing and playing in the sun with Josh but all that’s gone now. Suddenly, you saw someone over you. You looked up, it was Professor Snape. You gulped and stood up, “Yes Professor?” He handed you a blue ribbon, “I believe you dropped this last class Miss Mendler.” You let out a sigh of relief, “Thank you Professor Snape, thank you so much.” He nodded curtly and left you with your blue ribbon. It was one of the most precious things you possessed because it was the last thing your mother gave you before you were taken.
  8. You sang, “I’ll never let our love get so close,” walking in the corridor. Someone said, “Aw but I thought you would,” smiling. You noticed it was Cedric and you quickly apologised, “I’m sorry I didn’t come to look for you! I know I was supposed to but it slipped my mind.” Cedric laughed, “Don’t worry but you have an incredible voice.” You blushed, “No I don’t but I would like it if you don’t lie to me.” Cedric smiled, “I’m not lying.” You said, “You know, we’ve been spending quite a lot of time together.” Cedric smirked, “And you want a way to say that you don’t want to spend any more time with me?” You quickly said, “No, it’s not that. It’s just everyone thinks that we’re…you know…” and you trailed off. Cedric said, “Dating. I know but don’t take them on; if it’s one of the things Hogwarts girls are good at, it’s gossiping.” You laughed, “I see.” Cedric grinned and said, “Well I better go. I have your favourite teacher now.” You giggled, “Snapeykins?” Cedric rolled his eyes, “I do not see what you see what is so good about him.” You hit him on his shoulder and said, “He’s a great teacher.” Cedric shrugged, “Maybe,” and you both said your byes. You ran to your common room, feeling free like a bird for some unknown reason; getting weird looks from the other students but you didn’t mind. You put your stuff down in your dormitory and went outside into the Grounds and sang, “You’re a little late, and I’m already torn.” You loved that song since it was soothing. You took out the one book you kept on you and wrote down your favourite lyrics from the song, ‘Torn.’ You felt strangely reserved today. “Mind if I sit here?” You looked up to see who asked that question. It was James. You said, “Go ahead.” James smiled, “I heard you singing, you should really let the world see it.” You laughed, “Haha, no.” James pouted, “Oh why not?” You thought and then answered, “I’m not that great.” James responded, “Oh so you’re modest, smart AND pretty? I see why Malfoy has a thing for you.” You blushed, “He does?” James said, “Oh yeah. He’s even stopped flirting with other girls when you came around but you know, he’s Draco Malfoy. Girls love him.” You quickly understood what he was trying to say. He was trying to tell you that even if you date Draco, he might cheat on you with another girl because he apparently goes around any girl he wants. You nodded, “Okay, hey James, I have to go see about something,” just to get away from him.
  9. You caught up with Ron and Harry. Harry said, “Hey Saphira, how are you?” You shrugged and asked him, “What about you?” He shrugged, “Same old, same old.” You smiled and asked Ron, “So I saw Scabbers in Gryffindor’s common room around 1 o’ clock in the morning.” Ron shook his head, “I think you’ve mistaken Scabbers for some other rat because Scabbers was sleeping with me.” You KNEW it was Scabbers you saw but decided not to ponder on the topic. You saw the Twins with some first years. You asked, “So what you guys up to?” Fred said, “Simply being our awesome selves, right George?” George said, “Right you are Fred.” You laughed, “Yeah, I believe that.” Fred pouted, “So you don’t think we’re awesome?” You shrugged, “Sometimes I think I should say my opinion but then I think, eh bettehh not.” You laughed because the last three words were from a muggle movie you watched recently called, ‘Pitch Perfect.’ George said, “Fred, I think this is a challenge.” Fred nodded, “I see. Well you know what we do to our challengers who are pretty girls right Saphira?” They were walking towards you, grinning like madmen. You kept backing away slowly, “Uh, Fred, George, I think Professor Snape is looking for you both.” They grinned, “Nice try but it isn’t going to work.” You turned around and started running. They caught up with you soon enough and they tackled you to the floor, tickling you. You gasped for air, “Fred—George---st—top.” George smiled at Fred, “She said she wanted more?” Fred agreed, “I think so,” and it began into a tickle war. It was two against one. People passed by and someone laughed, “Shame, Fred. I thought you could do better than tickles.” Fred stopped tickling you and snapped at that person, “How would you know?” and the person just shrugged and winked at him. Fred said to George, “I see fresh meat George. Gonna grab,” and he left you with George. You took this opportunity to cast a spell to tie ropes on George’s hand behind his back. You said, “Ha!” standing up. George groaned, “I can’t believe a girl did this to me.” You smiled, “I know, how about you believe it now?” and you gave him a kiss on his cheek. He grinned, “Okay I believe it and I will accept my defeat if you keep doing that.” You giggled, “No.” You released him and said, “So since I win, what’s my prize?” George said, “Well we’re going to prank Malfoy…” but before he could finish, you asked, “Draco Malfoy?” George said, “Of course, there isn’t another Malfoy at this school. Anyway, we’re going to play a good prank on him when he’s eating dinner tonight.” You scratched your head, “I-I don’t think I want part of this.”
  10. George smirked, “Oh, so little Saphira Mendler has a thing for the infamous Draco Malfoy?” You hit his shoulder, “No I don’t.” George got up and said, “Yes you do.” You folded your arms and gave him the look, “No I don’t.” George laughed, “Then why are you blushing?” You turned to walk away but George held your hand, “I didn’t think you’d have a thing for him.” You laughed, “I don’t.” George said, “If you say so but the look in your eyes doesn’t say the same.” You pulled away slowly and smiled, “Believe me, I don’t.” It hurt you to lie to him but what could you do? You went and look for Cedric who was by himself in the Library. You said, “I’m actually feeling quite bored.” Cedric pulled you close to him, asking, “Are you now? I think I can make that better for you.” Your heart started to beat at the rate of three hundred and sixty miles per second; excitement and nervousness in your veins. You were an inch apart when you asked, “How?” Cedric smiled and he leaned in and down to kiss you. You leaned in, your lips touching his. Time stood still as your lips moved together sweetly making you forget about everything around you. A cold, drawling voice of a female said, “Well, Mendler. Have fun on your date with Oliver on the second Hogsmeade trip. I mean, it’s just you playing with a guy’s heart right?” You instantly pulled away and looked at the girl. It was Cho Chang. Cedric was furious, “YOU’RE GOING ON A DATE WITH OLIVER WOOD?”

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