coming soon in 2013-2014 (revised)

SO, this is basically a revised edition of my first one. I came up with more ideas. I also threw in a few ones since I was just lazy. SO, I recycled a few ideas.

If I do end up doing the Hogwarts one, then I would expect the other batch of series to come out in 2014 or in late 2013. In Hogwarts, there'll be lots more chapters that I've already planned.

Created by: chopinssonata

  1. "Expectations" What her parents expect: They expect their daughter to be completely proper, marry someone who they have chosen for her to wed, go to private school, and take over the family business. What she expects: Sam has never cared at all what her parents tell her. She's never liked the expensive things she's gotten for her birthday. One night she ran away from home to watch dirtbike racing in the outskirts of town. What she WANTS is to be a dirtbike racer. Far from the expectations.
  2. "Forgotten" is about a girl named ________ (random girl name here. Can be chosen by fans) who has a crush on a guy who happens to like her back. On the day she tells him about her feelings and she's flat-out rejected. That was the only reason she had for staying in the continent and not taking that transfer job offer she had received a year before. The job was still open. She then took the offer, packed her bags and headed off to the airport. Little did she know, the guy she liked had regretted his answer and tried to catch her at the airport. But alas, he got into a car crash because of speeding and received a certain case of amnesia that made him lose all of his memories specifically of her. Years later she comes home from Russia (where her transfer job was)to introduce her boyfriend who she's been steady with for years to her parents. But somehow,in the midst of all things, she's fired from her job and is instantly hired at the company she previously worked for. She soon finds that her new boss is the guy that rejected her so many years ago
  3. "Trade" is about an English girl who is considered royalty or somewhat close to it and her parents shield her from everything fearing she'll be kidnapped like she was when she was little. This made her become even more distant over the years as she watched children play outside happily while she could do nothing. She also watched the suffering of the diseases pass around and war feeling helpless. There is this one boy in the palace who is a butler, who is also and orphan ever since his father left his position as a cook to go to war. Her mother and father bring them together knowing they both need a companion. At first the boy despises her because her father sent his father to war. But he eventually that there's more to a person than whats on the outside. As their friendship becomes stronger, the war worsens. Eventually her father and mother decide to stop the foolish war and sign a peace treaty by marriage. They would send off their daughter to another kingdom as a trade to save lives. One for hundreds of millions.
  4. "Prison Break" or "Reincarnation" (It's basically a sequal to Delinquents. Since it seemed to be the most popular out of my first batch of quizzes, I've decided to give an idea based on the previous series. Plus, you have to eventually make a sequal out of at least one of your works. I also felt the series was simply too short.) Anyway, it's about the reincarnation of the previous mythical creature who had been a mix of every type of mythical creature and had committed suicide. Everyone knows she's the reincarnation and is after her for her powers. She doesn't know who to trust. The only reason there is a reincarnation is to create peace between the magical creatures and to balance the worlds. The penalty for a reincarnation if they do not follow their duties is death if she does not succeed in a certain amount of time. She has run away from her duties and lives off of whatever food she can scrounge from the trash bins. Whenever she was at home knowing the life ahead of her, she felt suffocated. People say it's a blessing. It's not. She is eventually caught and sent to the prison for magical creatures. She meets the marriage candidates inside the prison, and with her time decreasing by the hour, minute and second, she feels as if she cannot breath any longer. She becomes desperate and will do anything to be free again. Meanwhile, magical creatures wage war on each other and only she can stop it.
  5. "Before you say goodbye" is an old one that might return depending on what you guys think.
  6. "wallflower" is an old one that might return depending on what you guys think.
  7. "Siren" Everyone knows the tale of the little mermaid. That isn't real. Ariel isn't a mermaid, but a siren. Thus, the twisted story begins.
  8. "TEXTile" After the Reconstruction of the South after the civil war, many factories began to be worked in. Most of the workers are children since their families are in debt and need a higher income to survive. The factories prefer younger children because they are paid less. How do I know this? I'm one of the workers within the factories.
  9. "Girl Who Lived" Some of you guys know what it's about, it's a Harry Potter fan fiction but I'm making it with quite a twist as usual. It's still ongoing but I figured you guys might want a say in whether you want it to stay or not.
  10. "Suffocation" When overbearing parents, a 'perfect' overprotective boyfriend becomes suffocating, Allison goes on a vacation to her aunts house in Ireland to get away from it all. Away from her family and from the suffocation.
  11. "Touched by an Angel" Amelia has always known what she's wanted to do with her life, have a career, get married and to have everything in her life go right. But when her writing career asks her to go to a supposedly haunted house where tons of disappearances have occurred, she gets touched by a weeping angel.

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