Do You Know Hetalia?

Hetalia is an anime where alot of the countries in the world are peolpe. They are very steriotipical of what people might think of those countries, and it is really funny!

There are four seasons and the fifth is coming out soon, on the 28th of January 2013! I am really excited to see it!! I hope you like the quiz, please rate and comment! Ten more..

Created by: Maddie Lawliet

  1. In what does Germany find Italy?
  2. Who does Germany attempt to send Italy to?
  3. (Chibitalia) What country thinks Italy is a girl and wants Italy as his own (season one)?
  4. What color is the suit Italy usually wears?
  5. What country always tries to be the superhero?
  6. What country sleeps alot?
  7. What country practices black magic?
  8. What country is rather quiet but secretly has dark, evil plans to destroy the other countries?
  9. What country is obsessed with pasta?
  10. What country is quiet, and a 'friend' of Italy and Germany?
  11. Whih country is a total pervert and pedophile?
  12. Please comment and rate! Thank you for taking my quiz! It's my first one, sorry if it's kind of bad.

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Quiz topic: Do I Know Hetalia?