How Hetalia Are You?

Hey People! This Quiz Basicly Tell You How Big Of A Hetalia Fan You Really Are. Also, Remember, This Quiz Is Not Accurate! If You Think Im Wrong, Thats Your Prblem, NOT Mine. :) Plz Comment

So Take This Quiz To Find Out If You Are A Fan Or A SuperFan! This Quiz Is Made For Fun, Everthing In It May Not Be True For You. Thank You For Taking It, And Dont Forget To Rate And Comment! ;)

Created by: MoonFox

  1. Do You Know What Hetalia Is?? ( if you dont, google it! )
  2. On A 1-10 Scale, How Much Do You Like Hetalia?
  3. What Do You Think About People Who Hate/Dislike Hetalia?
  4. Whats The First Thing That Pops Into Mind When When You Hear The Name Of A Country?
  5. Has Hetalia Affected The Way You See History? Or History Class?
  6. Can You Say Or Think The Word "Pasta" Normaly?
  7. Do You Try To Act like Hetalia Characters? ( Act Like Them, Eat Like Them, ect. )
  8. Do You Ever Cosplay As Them? Was It In Public Or At A Convention?
  9. Do You Own Any Hetalia Related Items? ( Including DVDs )
  10. Did You Get Any Of Your Friends Into Hetalia?
  11. Did You Like This Quiz And Are You Going To Comment? ( No Effect )

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Quiz topic: How Hetalia am I?