Does my crush like me back for BI GIRLS

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Hi!!! I am Agatha and I am new to I am 11 years old, I know very young. However every quiz I post is because I know a lot on the subject, so pls don’t judge. I’m bisexual btw and my fav animals are cats.

. This is my first ever quiz and I made it as accurate as possible. Pls don’t judge, I know it’s bad! But I’ve done so many of these quizzes and not everyone of them helps. This quiz is based on my experiences with my 4 boy crushes and my 1 girl crush.

Created by: Agatha
  1. How well do you and your crush know each other?
  2. How often do you see each other??
  3. How long have you known her?
  4. Does she look at you?
  5. How often do you two talk?
  6. How does she act around you?
  7. Have you guys hung out one on one?
  8. Are your friends her friends or vice versa?
  9. Do you have her social media (vice versa)?
  10. Do you think she likes you back?
  11. How do you know each other? (I know weird to put at end but I forgot the question until I got to the very end, sorry)

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