Does She Like Me?

Well, Imma start by saying I'm a girl. I was looking online for "does she like me" quizzes so that 1). I could see if I'm being obvious or not at all, and 2). Because my brother wanted to try some. But there were like, none. Thousands of "Does HE like you back" or "does HE have a crush on me." So I made my own.

Notice the title does not say "guys only". That's because, whilst I myself am 100% straight, I know a large amount of LGBT and I support the, fully, so girls feel free to try this as well! Even if you are straight, just find out whether you are doing things right or not. (As I don't know you, I'm not qualified to judge that, but if it makes you feel better about yourself...) But yeah. PLEASE NOTE: This quiz is based on me and my responses, as a girl. My responses are likely not the same as the girl you are trying to learn about, so don't take it too much to heart!

Created by: LilHelperQuizzes
  1. Ok, first off, do you think she likes you?
  2. Were you honest? It matters! Ok, next question. When she sees you, she:
  3. Scenario: You guys are walking with some of your friends, some of hers. Or just all friends. Who knows. Her friends:
  4. Her friends are making it obvious that she likes you, or pretending she does. In response, She:
  5. If she told them to F off, is she Scottish by any chance? We swear quite a bit... Anyways. Next question. Do you guys hang out much?
  6. Not that we are proud of swearing, it's just part of our daily vocabulary really. We don't count it as swearing. (Please don't stereotype is, this is just my area of Scotland) You catch her looking at you. She:
  7. Yay! Two more questions and you are free to go! Let's see... You are doing races/ high jump/ some form of competition. She is standing in line behind you. When it's your go she:
  8. Ok, let's be a nag. Did you answer truthfully? It WILL affect your results. If not, go back and change it!
  9. I lied. There are still two more questions. But then you can leave! On social media, she has you:
  10. Whey hey! Answer this and you're free to go! Was this quiz any good?

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