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DANANANANA Batman and Flames to THE RESCUE!!!! DANANA BATMAN! hello and welcome.... have fun!!!! dont feel bad my darling, my honey, just do as my result paragraphs tell ya to do

I'm Flames, my nickname is Kris, imma girl, imma redhead, imma sophomore, im 15 years old, i do not have any children nor do i plan on having a baby as a teenager, im addicted to facebook

Created by: Flames_and_Ash
  1. Heyy I'm Flames_and_Ash, but I go by Flames
  2. i will ask random true/false questions after this one
  3. i will ask random true/false questions after this one
  4. There are 12 years of school, plus pre-k and kindergarden.
  5. High school years are in this order: senior, sophomore, freshman, junior.
  6. Roses can only be red.
  7. It is good luck for a clothes designer to prick her finger while sewing an outfit.
  8. There are 50 states in the US.
  9. One is an odd number.
  10. I love everyone who takes my quizzes and votes on my polls.
  11. Please rate and comment.

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